Monday, October 27, 2014

Surround Yourself with Greatness‏

What is the best way to overcome trials? Well gather up some good friends, family, scriptures and good music and there you are. Surround yourself with all of the great things that this life has to offer and there you have it. An atmosphere that allows us to feel the Holy Ghost and know what we should do in that moment. One thing that I learned from the Prophet in the last general conference is the way to overcome hard moments in our lives is by continuing being obedient. 

This week I have been limited in leaving the house but the members have been so great in helping me to be able to still do the work and help them. Yesterday I spent all day in the house of my Mamita and Papito and the Mamita made us cinnamon rolls. Oh they were so good and made me think of my Grandma's cinnamon rolls that she makes. 

Yesterday we were able to pass by the house of our Bishop who has only 3 months as bishop and is so excited to work with us. They told us of an experience that happened to them this week. The wife of the bishop was praying for a missionary experience and found a friend from twenty years ago who is now ready to receive the missionaries! 

I am loving the mission and even as hard as it may be in this moment I am still doing the absolute best that I can. This is my last transfer here in the mission and it might be cut a little short due to a surgery that I am going to need on my foot that I will need to have done in the United States. Sad to leave a place that has been my home for two years but necessary. I love Chile with all of my heart. It is such a beautiful place and when I return home my only thought will be when I can return to Chile. 

The only thing we can do is keep moving forward. I am glad to have 3 great Elders here with me to keep me going. My new companion is from Chiclayo Peru and I am his "Mom". I´m only his second companion. Life is short but great. ¡Viva la Vida!

Elder Alex York

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