Monday, October 6, 2014

After the trials...come the blessings

I have never been so tried in my entire life. I can honestly say that these last 6 months of my mission I have grown so much despite of all of the trials, problems and heartaches. I am so glad to be a missionary and to be able to walk where my Savior has walked, be rejected, spit on, hated and persecuted for his name. I have learned that more important than walking where my Savior walked but walking AS he walked. Every missionary will walk where the Savior walked but the key is to walk as he walked and to allow the Atonement into your life and let it change you so that you become more and more, grace by grace, like the Savior himself. 

The other Elders in my ward moved in last week to live with us and wow... It has for sure been incredibly fun! We have been getting along so well and it is like living with your best friends. Life has been going great. 

General Conference for me was just great and I learned so much. More than I think I have ever learned in my entire life during a conference. I was able to watch it in English in the computer room of the chapel with Elder Johnson. I loved the talk from Jorg [Klebingat]. I am going to download them in audio and listen to them again and again, and again and even again to learn what I must. I have heard last general conference more than 20 times and every time I learn something new. I love it and it is just great. 

I feel super old now that I will be turning 21 but that is just life. I am grateful for my family and friends who have always been there for me. The only thing that I would ever ask of any of you is that you share this with others. Share the love you have with others when the moment presents itself. The true love of Christ is what this world lacks, so get out there and represent the Lord by your actions. 

Elder Alex R. York

Elder York in Puerto Montt, Chile.

Elder York in Puerto Montt, Chile. He lost his glasses, so he got a new pair
last week.

Elder York in Puerto Montt, Chile.

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