Monday, September 8, 2014

Fwd: Transfers, Surgery and more.‏

This last wednesday I had surgery on my toe and it was a lot more complicated than I thought it would be. I went into the German Clinic and while there they really cleaned up my toe. All went well and I was able to leave after 2 hours. They told me I was to be in bed for 7 days but the ward was able to hook me up with a wheelchair so that I could come and stay with them rather than in the house. I will include pictures. 

Like I also mentioned... I will be transfered from the sector. I will be going to Puerto Montt - in the city this time. I am opening a new sector with Elder Vega. This will be the 3rd sector that I have opened.

I was a little frustrated when President called me because I have fallen in love with this sector. Here in Camino Real in Rahue I have just learned so much from the members and have seen them change so much. It is so incredible to see how much they have changed. I announced in sacrament meeting three things that happened to me this week. I said first I had surgery, they all giggled and then second, I got dear Johned by my girlfriend, everyone was like ahhhh..... and then I said I have cambios and everyone was HUHHHHHHH????? I love the members here so much. They have changed my life.

Another change in my life is that as I said, I received a letter this week telling me that my best friend will no longer be waiting for me. Yup that`s all. 

I have been still able to leave and work on my wheel chair and do contacts. I love this work so much and am 100 percent dedicated to preaching the Gospel. This Gospel is the only way that we will be happy in this life so I must affirm every fiber of my being to this gospel and to this work.

I love you all so much, I am doing well and these next couple months I will be working my tail end off. My goal is not to stay in this wheel chair but that they have to send me home in one from being so tired. 

Pictures.. First is the letter they send when one is finishing... and the other is me working in the chair! 

Elder Alex York

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