Monday, August 11, 2014

Mud, Birds, and doing better!‏

Finally the miracles are starting to come! When I first got here we had about 10 investigators who were just incredible. Meaning they were really receptive and were interested. Well they all disappeared and weren`t able to find them again or be able to contact the majority of them. We hit a down point because we couldn`t find anyone but now we have been striving to find more people and to be able to find our investigators.

Getting referrals from the members is so much better, faster, easier, nicer, and well just the best way that we can do missionary work. We received 3 referrals from the members this week and they are just incredible! Now we don`t have to worry about finding them or anything. Just their doubts and bringing the spirit. 

I finally broke down this week and bought a pair of rain pants. I had given my other ones away to an Elder who didn`t have any and I thought, Well I`ll be fine because I´m used to getting wet. Well... it rained so hard this week that the water filled my shoes from my legs being so wet. So I decided that if and when I go back to Alaska or another place I will use them. 

Sadly our Mamita this week has to go into surgery and won`t be able to feed us for a month. The ward is so awesome that all of the Sisters volunteered to cook for us and due to the lack of men in the house during the day we will bring it back to our pension and eat there. Our mamita will be having kidney surgery but will be alright. 

The Photo attatched is the family Chaipul. They are so incredible. We have been working so much with them to bring their family members back to church and to baptize the grandfather who lives with them. In the family Julio (the Dad) is the 1st counselor in the bishopbric and his wife was just released as the Stake Primary President. We have so little members here that are truly dedicated to the church and their callings but this family is a gold mine and are working so hard with us. 

Elder Walker (who lives with me) and I had an mini transfer for the day and it was just awesome. We found so many families who are PF or Partial Families who aren`t members. Things are starting to look up in the sector. Now just to get better healthwise and we are set!!

I love you all and here are a couple Photos!!!

Elder Alex York

First picture is the Family Chaipul 

Second picture is a bird that was super cool looking but sorry Dad I don`t know what it is called but it makes a super high pitched sound all day just like a seagull but worse.. 

and the third... I found Elder Holt when we went out to Rio Negro to go and train the secretary of the Branch. 

Oh yeah my comp and I are the "Specialists" of a new program that the mission is doing called, "El Rescate" or the rescue. Whatever I just follow my comp and chill with the Elders while he explains it haha. But really it is fun.

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