Monday, August 25, 2014

Grandfather, Father, Grandson‏

Today I was able to see my "Hijo" with his "Hijo" Elder Holt is training an Elder named Elder Salgado from CORPUS CRISTI. That is where Courtenae served her mission. Pretty crazy how small this world is right??? He told me that and I started freaking out like, What?!?!?! He is a super tall guy and really large. It was good to see them. 

We were able to finally get some basketball in today as we played for a couple hours. We played basketball and ping pong. Today we have been running around like usual, taxi into the Center of Osorno, Visa paperwork, passing by the Mission Office, Basketball and now it is 4 O'Clock... Only two more hours of "Resting". I am excited to catch up on the sleep I don't get here haha.

Tomorrow I am going in to get my toe checked out and hopefully that all goes well. I can only imagine Sí. 

We have an investigator who is the brother in law of our 1st counselor here in the ward who has just exploded with the Gospel. He wants to get baptized and now is really close with us. When I first met him he ran away from the missionaries and didn't want anything to do with us. Now he calls me his "Hijo Gringito" He is such a great guy and we are working with him towards baptism. 

The work here in this sector is Hastening and we are literally running around. It has been fun. We work daily with the members and are helping them to be able to live, teach and bring others to the Gospel. We are seeing so many results and it is working!!!

We also fixed our toilet situation.. The system was clogged so we were suffering a little but now life is all well. But the good thing is that as was our plumming clogged, so was the Missionary work in this ward but now both of them are just flowing!!!

Elder Alex York

Photos, First is Elder Holt, Yo, Elder Salgado

Second.... Our ward mission leader brought nerf guns for after the sacrament meeting and wanted to take pictures with us. Why? No man knows but the ward loved it. 

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