Monday, August 4, 2014

Changes for the best, the better, and the worst.‏

Well there have truly been a ton of changes here lately. Presidente Obeso totally changed the entire mission around. It was a frustrating week because of all that was happening but at the same time it has been great. I am staying with Elder Mendoza who is truly just like a brother to me and in our house came my friend Elder Walker. He is such a great guy and I love the dude. He is from Orem Utah and is about 6'5" and was here in the ward where I am now about a year ago. Elder Holt, (My second kid haha no just kidding, but the one I was with in Los Muermos) is here in Rahue also. He is the kid of Elder Walker for real but I claim to adopt him. I am the "Mom" of Elder Mendoza and he is about the 8th missionary that I have been his second companion. All of my companions have been so young! I am the oldest in the zone and I feel like the grandpa. Everyone makes jokes but it just means I have been around the block. 

I am actually here in Los Muermos right now! I saw my Family Alvarez who are just awesome. I had to travel 3 hours by bus to come here just to take out my ID. The Registro Civil wouldn´t send it to Osorno so I had to come here and take it out. It´s good to be back in the small town but I am glad I am in a ward. It is incredible where I am now compared to here. 

Like I said last week I was going through a rough time but now things are so much better. We actually have sun right now which is the first time in weeks that I have seen it. Sounds like all of you would like to trade me haha. I´ll send some rain that way! 

Yesterday we were with our investigators Claudio and Amparo who came to church and when we were sharing with them they opened up so much and cried. It was a tender moment as we were able to share with them. We have been tracting a lot these past two weeks because there is no one. We can´t find our investigators at all. We have been working really closely with all of the members to be able to teach their family members and friends. Every 1000 contacts in the street here in this mission is a baptism, but every 22 referrals is a baptism. I may be dumb but I am not stupid! Ha we are trying our absolute best to get referrals from the members and we are starting to see fruits. We are working a ton with our new ward mission leader who is awesome and works hard!

Many baptisms will follow here shortly. I am happy and working my tail end off. I am loving being a missionary and working so close with all of these people. 

I love you all!!

Voy a echar mi resto!!!

Elder Alex York

A road called UTAH?! That is how you pronounce Utah in English. 
A couple kids from my ward - they wanted pictures with us.

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