Monday, August 25, 2014

Grandfather, Father, Grandson‏

Today I was able to see my "Hijo" with his "Hijo" Elder Holt is training an Elder named Elder Salgado from CORPUS CRISTI. That is where Courtenae served her mission. Pretty crazy how small this world is right??? He told me that and I started freaking out like, What?!?!?! He is a super tall guy and really large. It was good to see them. 

We were able to finally get some basketball in today as we played for a couple hours. We played basketball and ping pong. Today we have been running around like usual, taxi into the Center of Osorno, Visa paperwork, passing by the Mission Office, Basketball and now it is 4 O'Clock... Only two more hours of "Resting". I am excited to catch up on the sleep I don't get here haha.

Tomorrow I am going in to get my toe checked out and hopefully that all goes well. I can only imagine Sí. 

We have an investigator who is the brother in law of our 1st counselor here in the ward who has just exploded with the Gospel. He wants to get baptized and now is really close with us. When I first met him he ran away from the missionaries and didn't want anything to do with us. Now he calls me his "Hijo Gringito" He is such a great guy and we are working with him towards baptism. 

The work here in this sector is Hastening and we are literally running around. It has been fun. We work daily with the members and are helping them to be able to live, teach and bring others to the Gospel. We are seeing so many results and it is working!!!

We also fixed our toilet situation.. The system was clogged so we were suffering a little but now life is all well. But the good thing is that as was our plumming clogged, so was the Missionary work in this ward but now both of them are just flowing!!!

Elder Alex York

Photos, First is Elder Holt, Yo, Elder Salgado

Second.... Our ward mission leader brought nerf guns for after the sacrament meeting and wanted to take pictures with us. Why? No man knows but the ward loved it. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

First sector of the mission???‏

Elder York sent pictures this week!
Pic 1...Elder York with his mission president and his wife, Presidente and Hermana Obeso.
Pic 2...Elder York with the kids of the second counselor. They loved the fact that I looked like I was wearing the "school uniform" haha.
Pic 3...Elder York with his former Papito and Mamita in Entre Lagos.
Pic 4...Elder York with Hector, the man he baptized a year ago in Entre Lagos.


Yup that is right. Yo, Elder Alex York was able to go back to my first sector today to be able to visit my recent convert Hector Bañados Pacheco. I will attach photos. I was also able to see the members who I grew so attached to. My Mamita and Papito and my dueña, Anita, José and the family Santana. I was able to share more with Hector and share again my testimony with him in much better Spanish so that he will stay on the right path and endure to the end. It was such a wonderful experience to be able to find them here again and it really made me tronky. I thought if this is happy coming back to my first sector after a year and a half, ¿How will it be going back home? Either way, it isn`t a thought I let stay in my head because I still am on the errand of the Lord.

We had an activity this week for the young men in all of the stake of Rahue. I was able to take Elder Holt, (my adopted son) out with me and a member named Carlitos who is 12 to do some visits in my sector. Elder Holt started his mission in my sector so I decided to bring him back with me so he could relive it a little. As we were walking with Carlitos I let him hold my compass because he was curious and wanted to see it. Anyhow as we were walking he told us that not just once, not just twice, not just thrice but four times he asked a question of what he should do in life and the compass needle jumped and pointed directly at me. He said it was the weirdest thing because the needle just followed me he said. He got excited and said "Elder York!!!! I know that I need to be a missionary now! I am for certain!! Let´s go to my friends house to share with him. We went and his mom rejected us but Carlitos said it´s okay because when I am a missionary I will be able to share the Gospel with even more people and even if they reject me like that I will know I have done my best. I want to be a missionary just like you."

Carlitos is the young man in the photo that I sent home last week of the family Chaipul. We have been working so hard with them and we are seeing the fruits of the visits. They are inviting their friends, family and even people in the road. Life is good and the work is Hastening here in Rahue.

This week the weather has been getting better. Yesterday was the 4th day of my mission that I have left the house without a jacket. Pretty incredible how cold it is here haha. Well that is all for me. I am doing good just like always fighting the natural man to become a better missionary every day. 

I came across this scripture and being is that I am here among the Lamanites....

Helaman 6:3 
"Nevertheless, the people of the church did have great joy because of the conversion of the Lamanites, yea, because of the church of God, which had been established among them. And they did fellowship one with another, and did rejoice one with another, and did have great joy."

Elder Alex York

Monday, August 11, 2014

Mud, Birds, and doing better!‏

Finally the miracles are starting to come! When I first got here we had about 10 investigators who were just incredible. Meaning they were really receptive and were interested. Well they all disappeared and weren`t able to find them again or be able to contact the majority of them. We hit a down point because we couldn`t find anyone but now we have been striving to find more people and to be able to find our investigators.

Getting referrals from the members is so much better, faster, easier, nicer, and well just the best way that we can do missionary work. We received 3 referrals from the members this week and they are just incredible! Now we don`t have to worry about finding them or anything. Just their doubts and bringing the spirit. 

I finally broke down this week and bought a pair of rain pants. I had given my other ones away to an Elder who didn`t have any and I thought, Well I`ll be fine because I´m used to getting wet. Well... it rained so hard this week that the water filled my shoes from my legs being so wet. So I decided that if and when I go back to Alaska or another place I will use them. 

Sadly our Mamita this week has to go into surgery and won`t be able to feed us for a month. The ward is so awesome that all of the Sisters volunteered to cook for us and due to the lack of men in the house during the day we will bring it back to our pension and eat there. Our mamita will be having kidney surgery but will be alright. 

The Photo attatched is the family Chaipul. They are so incredible. We have been working so much with them to bring their family members back to church and to baptize the grandfather who lives with them. In the family Julio (the Dad) is the 1st counselor in the bishopbric and his wife was just released as the Stake Primary President. We have so little members here that are truly dedicated to the church and their callings but this family is a gold mine and are working so hard with us. 

Elder Walker (who lives with me) and I had an mini transfer for the day and it was just awesome. We found so many families who are PF or Partial Families who aren`t members. Things are starting to look up in the sector. Now just to get better healthwise and we are set!!

I love you all and here are a couple Photos!!!

Elder Alex York

First picture is the Family Chaipul 

Second picture is a bird that was super cool looking but sorry Dad I don`t know what it is called but it makes a super high pitched sound all day just like a seagull but worse.. 

and the third... I found Elder Holt when we went out to Rio Negro to go and train the secretary of the Branch. 

Oh yeah my comp and I are the "Specialists" of a new program that the mission is doing called, "El Rescate" or the rescue. Whatever I just follow my comp and chill with the Elders while he explains it haha. But really it is fun.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Changes for the best, the better, and the worst.‏

Well there have truly been a ton of changes here lately. Presidente Obeso totally changed the entire mission around. It was a frustrating week because of all that was happening but at the same time it has been great. I am staying with Elder Mendoza who is truly just like a brother to me and in our house came my friend Elder Walker. He is such a great guy and I love the dude. He is from Orem Utah and is about 6'5" and was here in the ward where I am now about a year ago. Elder Holt, (My second kid haha no just kidding, but the one I was with in Los Muermos) is here in Rahue also. He is the kid of Elder Walker for real but I claim to adopt him. I am the "Mom" of Elder Mendoza and he is about the 8th missionary that I have been his second companion. All of my companions have been so young! I am the oldest in the zone and I feel like the grandpa. Everyone makes jokes but it just means I have been around the block. 

I am actually here in Los Muermos right now! I saw my Family Alvarez who are just awesome. I had to travel 3 hours by bus to come here just to take out my ID. The Registro Civil wouldn´t send it to Osorno so I had to come here and take it out. It´s good to be back in the small town but I am glad I am in a ward. It is incredible where I am now compared to here. 

Like I said last week I was going through a rough time but now things are so much better. We actually have sun right now which is the first time in weeks that I have seen it. Sounds like all of you would like to trade me haha. I´ll send some rain that way! 

Yesterday we were with our investigators Claudio and Amparo who came to church and when we were sharing with them they opened up so much and cried. It was a tender moment as we were able to share with them. We have been tracting a lot these past two weeks because there is no one. We can´t find our investigators at all. We have been working really closely with all of the members to be able to teach their family members and friends. Every 1000 contacts in the street here in this mission is a baptism, but every 22 referrals is a baptism. I may be dumb but I am not stupid! Ha we are trying our absolute best to get referrals from the members and we are starting to see fruits. We are working a ton with our new ward mission leader who is awesome and works hard!

Many baptisms will follow here shortly. I am happy and working my tail end off. I am loving being a missionary and working so close with all of these people. 

I love you all!!

Voy a echar mi resto!!!

Elder Alex York

A road called UTAH?! That is how you pronounce Utah in English. 
A couple kids from my ward - they wanted pictures with us.