Monday, July 21, 2014

This is the life!!

Elder York in Osorno, Chile

Bowling in Chile.

Elder York at the Cathedral San Mateo, Osorno Chile.

Elder York with the Osorno bull statue.

I am just loving the life of being a missionary. There truly is nothing more rewarding than being able to help other people to change their lives and to become more like Jesus Christ, our perfect example. Here in Osorno the people are so much more open to listen to us than in any other sector that I have been in and are so loving and just great. We have so many investigators right now and are working so hard to help them to be baptized. We will have baptisms here soon in this next cambio or transfer. 

I am getting over the flu finally and am able now to work harder and run without fainting. It truly is such a great feeling when one follows what the word of wisdom says. I am eating less meat and more vegetables and fruits and I feel just amazing. When I return home I will have changed my life just because of the word of wisdom. 

Life is going really good but this is the moment when we need to pray even harder so that we don`t become prideful and trust in our own strengths. I know that the Gospel changes lives and that we will see miracles just as we love others. 

I am learning so much more about loving others. With my last companions I was in the right and I knew it. I wish I could go back and maybe do it with a little bit more of love. Charity is the greatest need that this earth has. I know it. I know it! If we would just love others more then we would see such a huge difference in all. I love all of you and invite you to love those who hate you and love everyone that you see. 

Elder Alex York

Here are some questions I asked.....
* Do you live in the city of Osorno? On the other side of the river in a place called Rahue. Look it up on the map. It's cool!! Our church is on the road, Cochabamba next to a park.
* How are your investigators doing? Very very good. We have about 10 progressing.
* Do you cook much? No sorry but no but I am learning
* What's your 'go to' meal when you cook? Right now it is a scoop of protein powder, one egg, and one banana.
* Do you have a mamita? What is she like? She is good but you are still my favorite Mamita! She washes our clothes and takes way too good care of us.

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