Monday, July 14, 2014

The Prodigal Son Returns to Osorno‏

Well thanks to some few unfortunate events that happened in my last sector I am now here in the zone of Rahue, which is in the city of Osorno. I am in the sector of Camino Real. Which is just awesome. We have about 60 that come to church and all of the members are super excited to work. 

I am doing well and am loving being a missionary. There is truly nothing better than this! Here we have about 8 investigators who are progressing and I smell baptisms here soon!! I feel that the Lord truly is hastening his work here in this sector because all that we have of investigators are all prepared for us to find them and to teach them. We talk to everyone we see and we treat them just as I am sure Jesus Christ would. 

We are in winter while the rest of my family and friends are in summertime and are soaking up the sun. I will write more next week and explain more of what is going on next week. I am a little sick with the flu but it will pass with time. I love all of you, I know that time is short but I will send pictures next week and will write a very long email. 

Elder Alex York

My companion is Elder Mendoza from Peru and I live with two others. I also live with Elder Gomez from Columbia (he is super awesome, I truly admire this man) and his companion Elder Randolph.

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