Monday, July 28, 2014

Mawiage. Dat is wat gawthers us hewr tuday.‏

My week really was just not the best time of my life but it for sure wasn`t the worst either. We have had so much rain this week and it has really been just an interesting battle to try and show that no matter how hard it rains that our umberellas and spirits can`t get down. 

We have been working a lot with our investigators in trying to help them to make the right choices and to progress even more. I feel so sad at times when they choose that they don`t want to read and even pray. It is for sure one of the saddest parts but we are starting to see many more bright moments. 

We have a family of investigators who are trying to get divorced from a previous marriage to be able to get married and be baptized. That is the biggest problem that there is here in Chile is that people have many problems with the law of chastity. Almost everyone here isn`t married. Our investigators are so strong and are doing the absolute best that they can to keep their commitments because all that they want is to be baptized. They are so wonderful and will be baptized very soon. 

We have transfers this week and Elder Mendoza and I will be staying together for this transfer and I am super excited to be able to work with him. He is a good guy and we have a ton of work to do with him and the sector. Keep me in your prayers!!!

Wow I wish that I could tell all of you how much I miss all of you. Being a missionary away from home is the first step into becoming more like Christ. I can only imagine how he must have felt coming here to earth, being the creator of all things and being rejected. Whenever I am down or whenever I feel like I can`t do it anymore or feel like my world is going to end I do my best to think of him and to do what he would do. Life is hard but we are stronger and no matter how much someone tells us that we can`t there is someone who tells us that we can. 

Elder Alex York

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