Monday, July 28, 2014

Mawiage. Dat is wat gawthers us hewr tuday.‏

My week really was just not the best time of my life but it for sure wasn`t the worst either. We have had so much rain this week and it has really been just an interesting battle to try and show that no matter how hard it rains that our umberellas and spirits can`t get down. 

We have been working a lot with our investigators in trying to help them to make the right choices and to progress even more. I feel so sad at times when they choose that they don`t want to read and even pray. It is for sure one of the saddest parts but we are starting to see many more bright moments. 

We have a family of investigators who are trying to get divorced from a previous marriage to be able to get married and be baptized. That is the biggest problem that there is here in Chile is that people have many problems with the law of chastity. Almost everyone here isn`t married. Our investigators are so strong and are doing the absolute best that they can to keep their commitments because all that they want is to be baptized. They are so wonderful and will be baptized very soon. 

We have transfers this week and Elder Mendoza and I will be staying together for this transfer and I am super excited to be able to work with him. He is a good guy and we have a ton of work to do with him and the sector. Keep me in your prayers!!!

Wow I wish that I could tell all of you how much I miss all of you. Being a missionary away from home is the first step into becoming more like Christ. I can only imagine how he must have felt coming here to earth, being the creator of all things and being rejected. Whenever I am down or whenever I feel like I can`t do it anymore or feel like my world is going to end I do my best to think of him and to do what he would do. Life is hard but we are stronger and no matter how much someone tells us that we can`t there is someone who tells us that we can. 

Elder Alex York

Monday, July 21, 2014

This is the life!!

Elder York in Osorno, Chile

Bowling in Chile.

Elder York at the Cathedral San Mateo, Osorno Chile.

Elder York with the Osorno bull statue.

I am just loving the life of being a missionary. There truly is nothing more rewarding than being able to help other people to change their lives and to become more like Jesus Christ, our perfect example. Here in Osorno the people are so much more open to listen to us than in any other sector that I have been in and are so loving and just great. We have so many investigators right now and are working so hard to help them to be baptized. We will have baptisms here soon in this next cambio or transfer. 

I am getting over the flu finally and am able now to work harder and run without fainting. It truly is such a great feeling when one follows what the word of wisdom says. I am eating less meat and more vegetables and fruits and I feel just amazing. When I return home I will have changed my life just because of the word of wisdom. 

Life is going really good but this is the moment when we need to pray even harder so that we don`t become prideful and trust in our own strengths. I know that the Gospel changes lives and that we will see miracles just as we love others. 

I am learning so much more about loving others. With my last companions I was in the right and I knew it. I wish I could go back and maybe do it with a little bit more of love. Charity is the greatest need that this earth has. I know it. I know it! If we would just love others more then we would see such a huge difference in all. I love all of you and invite you to love those who hate you and love everyone that you see. 

Elder Alex York

Here are some questions I asked.....
* Do you live in the city of Osorno? On the other side of the river in a place called Rahue. Look it up on the map. It's cool!! Our church is on the road, Cochabamba next to a park.
* How are your investigators doing? Very very good. We have about 10 progressing.
* Do you cook much? No sorry but no but I am learning
* What's your 'go to' meal when you cook? Right now it is a scoop of protein powder, one egg, and one banana.
* Do you have a mamita? What is she like? She is good but you are still my favorite Mamita! She washes our clothes and takes way too good care of us.

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Prodigal Son Returns to Osorno‏

Well thanks to some few unfortunate events that happened in my last sector I am now here in the zone of Rahue, which is in the city of Osorno. I am in the sector of Camino Real. Which is just awesome. We have about 60 that come to church and all of the members are super excited to work. 

I am doing well and am loving being a missionary. There is truly nothing better than this! Here we have about 8 investigators who are progressing and I smell baptisms here soon!! I feel that the Lord truly is hastening his work here in this sector because all that we have of investigators are all prepared for us to find them and to teach them. We talk to everyone we see and we treat them just as I am sure Jesus Christ would. 

We are in winter while the rest of my family and friends are in summertime and are soaking up the sun. I will write more next week and explain more of what is going on next week. I am a little sick with the flu but it will pass with time. I love all of you, I know that time is short but I will send pictures next week and will write a very long email. 

Elder Alex York

My companion is Elder Mendoza from Peru and I live with two others. I also live with Elder Gomez from Columbia (he is super awesome, I truly admire this man) and his companion Elder Randolph.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Welcome Presidente Obeso, and now Pictures!!!!‏

This is going to be super short but with pictures. It has been such an interesting week. I can't believe how time is passing. I am loving being a missionary and the opportunity to have my mind, heart, and might focused 100 percent to talking to other people about the Gospel. I LOVE IT! There is nothing more satisfying than sharing the Gospel, in fact, sharing the Gospel and the feeling we get after is the closest we can get to feeling Joy. Joy is a Celestial feeling but as we help others we are getting closer and closer to it. 

Last week I went on a companion exchange with Elder Holt from Murray Utah. He is living in the same house with me and he is a STUD! He is such a great guy and we really enjoyed the chance to work together and to be able to relax. I had to do my new visa paperwork so we were in Puerto Montt for almost the majority of the day. It was just great and I loved it! We were even able to sneak in a pizza for lunch. We bought one of the biggest pizzas I have seen here in Chile for less than 10 dollars and ate it all! Oh how great the feeling of eating pizza. Elder Holt got here in the Mission at the exact same time as my "Hijo" Son Elder Holt. Same name, both from Utah and from the same group and now I have the chance to know them both. Speaking of which!!!

I AM A GRANDPA!!!! This phrase is one that you use when your "kid" has [trains] a kid. He is also a district leader! I am very proud of both of my Elder Holts. They both will go far in life. 

I got to meet my new Mission President and wow, he is short! I was surprised when I saw him but he is incredible. I love that man so much. He and President Rappleye are very similar when it comes to being obedient and what not but President Obeso is the Mercy and President Rappleye was the Justice. Good having both of them. I love both of them so much and am so excited to have President Obeso here and sad to see President Rappleye leave..

All things have their end be it being a mission president, your mission or even someone you love. My beloved friend Sadie (My Dog) passed away, just like marly from Marly and me. She will be missed but I just remember, ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN. It makes me happy to know that and now it makes me think... If all dogs go to Heaven, Imagine how much God loves us and wants us to come to Heaven. I know that we are beyond more important than a dog and that he loves us. We are his Children and have the potential to become like him. 

I know that God has a plan for everything. 

Elder Alex York

Waterfalls!!! We got permission to watch the World cup when Chile plays!!! How awesome!!!
Saltos del Petrohue, June 2014

Saltos del Petrohue, June 2014
Saltos del Petrohue, June 2014

Saltos del Petrohue, June 2014

They were able to watch the World Cup when Chile played. June 2014

Elder York and his Zone with their new Mission President, Presidente and Hermana Obeso, July 2014.