Monday, June 23, 2014

I am Goliath?

In the times of David and Goliath there were people who were very tall and very big on the earth. It was a time that people feared and distanced themselves from these types of people. The Story of David and Goliath is such a wonderful story of inspiration and of hope for the "little man." I represent a "Goliath" here in Chile. 

I have been looking for shoes here in Chile for more than a year. Every store that I ask if they have in my size they look at me and ask if I am serious, then they laugh and laugh! I AM GOLIATH!! I really cannot find a single pair of shoes that are size 12 and a half. In Chile my size is 48. I have tried 44 and that is the biggest but to no luck. The biggest I have seen was size 44 that really is super tight. My advice to any missionary that has big feet and is coming to South America to bring two really good pairs of shoes or even three. It is worth it I promise!!

Now I am doing fine and I don´t need anyone to send me shoes. I just wanted to share that because it has been a highlight of my week because I asked every store. I am happy and doing great! I love being here in Chile so much. 

I am with a new Elder who is named Elder Dennis. He is from Manti Utah and is just great. He is a really good Elder and he is a hard worker. We are getting along very well and are both united in one cause. We are working hard and walking through deep mud with an umbrella in the rain and snow together and knocking every door and talking to every person we meet. Being a missionary has been the greatest blessing that I have ever had in my life. I love it so much and have learned so much from being here. I would trade this for nothing, I repeat, nothing. 

We have an investigator whose name is Fransisco or "Pancho" who lives with members who are really great. He is dating the daughter of these members and he is the one that initially started the lessons. We had a lesson with him during lunch yesterday and after that he and the family invited us back to their house later the same night and we shared with them again. It was something so tender and wonderful that they would call us to come back to share with them. They were thankful that we were passing by and sharing with them not just to help the investigator but the entire family. We are looking for a new Branch President, well who we think could be because the Lord does the rest, but I feel that the husband of this family would be an outstanding President. 

I am loving life here in Chile. We have once again, I feel I haven´t been able to escape the cold in two years since Alaska and now it is starting to get to me ha. But we have firewood and every night we heat up the stove to get warm. 

The Promises of the Lord will always be completed because he is the same yesterday, today and forever and He Has Spoken.

Elder Alex Robert York

Some of the twenty questions I asked:

* What waterfalls did you go to and who did you go with? 
We went with all of the missionaries here in Puerto Montt. They are called the "Saltos de Petruhue".

* What district/zone are you in? 
Our branch is not a part of a district because there is no other branch within miles so it belongs to the Mission. President Rappleye is the District President of us so to speak. I am in the zone of Puerto Montt

* Are you a district leader still?
Yes I am still District leader and I have 10 Elders and Hermanas in my district. 

* How big is your area? Any stores, etc. to speak of? 
It is fairly large. New suburbs or something like that. 

* What are your duties as first counselor? 
The same as a bishopric. Tithing, conducting meetings, presiding when the branch President isn´t there. Extending callings, etc. The normal as Brother Brady and Brother Hammond but in a branch so a lot smaller. 

* How many people are in the branch? 
We had 38 yesterday!!

* Are you keeping warm? 
Yeah. I have a story for you..

* Do you have a mamita? 

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