Monday, May 5, 2014

Say what?! Burgers and cambios?‏

Today we decided to go to a famous restaurant here in La Union that is called ``6-3 Sandwhich`` or its nickname, ``Bomberos``. They have tons of sandwiches and they have one that is called the challenge. It is the biggest hamburger that I have ever eaten. The owner has never been able to eat it and none of the missionaries here have finished it. Well I ate it all. It was great but now I am full.. 

We have had a really great week. I had a talk with President Rappleye as we were in Osorno to get flu shots. He took me to the mission home with him just so we could talk and it was great. He finishes his mission this june so we got to talk about our lives and the Gospel. It was amazing! I am going to miss him a ton.. He has been a really good friend to me and has been just great. My new mission President will be coming from Mexico. his name is Rodrigo Obeso.

We have a new investigator who is just amazing. He came up to the missionaries who live in our house and said, ``I want to be baptized in your church``. Wow! He said he was sharing with the missionaries in Santiago and then he and his family moved here. He is a really really awesome guy and has two children of 8 years and of 1 year. 
This week there are transfers and my companion is heading off to Entre Lagos! How cool that will be. I am giving him all of the tips and secrets and mainly.. Take care of my recent Convert who has 1 year in the church! Hector!

I am happy and doing well, Can`t wait till Mothers day to be able to talk to my family, may we all show our love towards our family and wish all the mothers a happy mother's day. 

``All that I am and ever hope to be, I owe to my dear Angel Mother``
-Abraham Lincoln

Elder Alex York

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