Monday, April 7, 2014

Pranks, General Conference and Hospitals‏

Well as the title says, My companion and I have been traveling all week and we today spent all day in the hospital. A week ago my companion sprained his ankle. We took care of it and got him a boot and etc. Yesterday it was still hurting so today we went to the German Hospital in Osorno to get it checked out. He has a grade two sprain and has to stay in the house for 10 days. We will see how it goes but for now we have to do what Sister Rappleye and the doctors have told us. 

GENERAL CONFERENCE was amazing. I just loved it because I feel that I received so many answers to 3 questions that I had. I received not 1 to every question but 2 or 3! I love General Conference so much and don't ever want to miss it. My favorite was the talk from Elder Corbridge. He explained our message so well! I am going to print and give it to many investigators so that they can understand better our message. 

Funny story of the week. Last night I put a voice recording on the phone of the other missionaries in the house and set it as their alarm for 3 in the morning. We all get along so well and are all good friends, but at the same time it is good to joke around every once in awhile haha. I felt bad for putting the alarm and at 11:00 after saying my personal prayers I felt I should go and tell them. So I did and told them I was sorry. To my astonishment they had found the alarm and had plans to actually do something to us at that time haha. I quickly slipped another alarm into their phone but that was the same that they normally have and then went to bed, them not noticing that I had done it. The alarm went off at 3 in the morning and they said their morning prayers and were just absolutely "muerto" or dead in english haha. One of them actually jokingly jumped on his companion and tried waking him up to do his exercises and realized, Elder York and Elder Costa are still upstairs in bed. LETS GO AND WAKE THEM UP!!! To their surprise they looked at what time it was and realized I had them good, called us by phone, said that we got them good, and were going to get us back and good night. funniest part of my week and cambio really haha. 

I am well from the earthquakes. No damage done nowhere here and none to me. Well I love you all and hope you are having a wonderful week!!

Elder York

He also sent a couple pictures "de la Gran Misiòn Chile Osorno."
Torres del Paine National Park, March 24, 2014
Torres del Paine National Park, March 24, 2014

Elder Costa with Elder York, April 2014

Elder York and Elder Costa with Elders Werner and Jensen, April 2014

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