Monday, March 3, 2014

Trials, Problems, Questions, and the Savior's Love

In the scriptures we see many cases when the chosen people, or people of the Lord were suffering and struggling on their way. Many times I have wondered, "Why would the Lord who loves us, punish us and those in the scriptures." I have pondered often on this and have learned much. Every trial, tempation, problem, sickness, death, injury and illness that we have is not only a trial to build our faith, but the faith of those who are around us. I have seen this in my life and I know that it is true. 

I remember times when friends of mine and many times family had trials in their life, it changed mine. I remember a specific case when a dear friend of mine and of my family named Jared G. fell and hit his head. He was rushed to the hospital and when the news came to me that he would most likely not make it through very well, I cried. A teenager, who 'knew all and was the smartest and best of all' cried. I thought, "How, How God can this happen to him, why did it have to happen to him?"

This trial that happened taught me how to pray. Never I think in my life had I ever prayed with such real intent. I begged and begged with my Father in Heaven to help him and to spare him. He is such a good kid. In that moment I learned how to pray and how to really talk to my Father in Heaven. When we have our hardest moment in our lives, that is when we must, MUST kneel down like Enos before our maker and pour out our hearts to him and then WE WILL FEEL HIS LOVE FOR US. I Promise and testify!

This week I have learned a lot. I am learning more and more to humble myself always because we never know when we are prideful until we fall to our knees. I know that I am weak and have many trials in our lives. I learn more and more to trust in the Lord with ALL of my heart and not just with my mind.

This week our "Eternal Investigators" will be deciding their eternity. They are now with a goal of getting baptized and married! THey want to be married the 28 of march and the 29 of march be baptized. I gave them my CTR ring so that they can be married and it was a very spiritual, tearful meeting we had with them. I love Ariel and Leslie so so much. They are truly people that I would do anything for.

For the God loveth his children, for this cause did he allow them to obtain a body of flesh and blood, to experiment with mortality and in the end return to live with him once more.

Elder Alex Robert York

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