Monday, March 31, 2014

New Everything

     I am in a brand new sector with a brand new area book, companion, cellphone, flea spray and an umbrella. I am absolutely loving it here in La Union. There is a milk factory that makes the best cheese and milk in the whole country and it is in my backyard. Sweet!! I am for sure having a good time and am just loving my new companion. Elder Costa is my comp and he is from Brazil. He is such a cool guy and we are getting along even better than peanut butter and jelly. He is such a great guy and just imagine Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. That is what my companion looks like haha. His smile is so similiar that it kills me haha. Super funny. It makes me laugh every time. We are working a lot and are finding more people to teach than I had in Punta Arenas so it will be a good transfer with a lot of work and hopefully baptisms. 

     It was hard to say goodbye to all of the people who I have grown close to in Punta Arenas but it will be something new. I am definitely loving the change. It is a little warmer up here but here it rains daily and there are fleas all over. I just.... "LOVE" the "BEAUTIFUL" fleas so much. I think I am closer with them than anyone else haha. Literally. They are in my socks!! Hahaha

     Yesterday I had a "Why am I here" moment. I was tired, cold, my knee hurt and just so many problems that I was a little bit down... When I asked myself the question I answered by saying, "I am here because I want to be, I am here to help every person that I can by sharing the Gospel." There is no other way to be happy than by sharing the gospel. I have felt the happiest that I ever have here on the mission and I can`t wait to share this happiness with all people who I can. I have truly learned a ton about serving others and how to develop Christlike attributes. It has sure helped me to become more of a man. 

     My sector has always just had zone leaders in it. I live in the same house and their names are Elder Jensen from California and Elder Werner from Orem Utah. They are both great guys and I am their district leader along with two Hermanas. The missionaries who are in the ward are always those who are finishing their mission and never new ones so the members are excited to have two young missionaries here to work. 

I've got a ton to do, love you!

Elder York

Here are some of the twenty questions I asked this week:

How is your new area? Is it a big city? What part are you in? 

I am in the center of the neighborhoods in a city called La Union. It is not as big as Osorno and is fairly small. 

When was the last time missionaries were in your area that you are opening up? There have always been missionaries in the ward but not where I am now.

Are you still a district leader? Yes.

Are you liking your companion? Where is he from? Spanish speaking only? 
He is really awesome. We get along well. He is from Brazil, speaks good spanish and is teaching me portuguese and I am teaching him English.

What's the ward like? Is it a branch or ward? It is a branch

Do you have a mamita? Yes and she is really awesome

Is it warm still or is winter kicking in? Winter literally started the other day

Are you in mountains? Yes somewhat

Did you have to send your luggage separate and when will you get it? 
yes and it will get here in two weeks.. It has all my winter gear haha... I`ll live

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