Monday, March 17, 2014

Living the good life‏

Yup, I am loving life down here in Antarctica. Seriously it is basically the same as down south. I have learned so much about life down here and have learned how to do so many things. It is so much fun to have this adventure down here. I must say unfortunately that I have not seen penguins yet.. I haven´t had the time to be able to go and to see them. We also have to have permission and it is hard to get it down here because we are literally closer to Antarctica than we are to Osorno where our Mission President is.

I have been enjoying myself and I have been working like a horse. That is the best way to forget about your personal problems and trials. I am loving to be able to serve people here in Chile. I have made so many friends!! I definitely love the Chilean people, but not the women ha. Daily we get asked if we are looking for girlfriends and I always laugh and tell them no. The people here are so friendly and just nice. JUST SO YOU KNOW... I DON´T PLAN ON BRINGING HOME A CHILEAN AS MY WIFE... haha 

I just have to say that life is good and I am learning more and more how to enjoy it and live it while being the best I can be. Life is good, I am happy and we are helping numberless people. I now have the best joke with people that are letting us come into their house. We always knock and they say who are you and we explain and a little bit more into the conversation they say,
´´Elder? What does Elder Mean?´´
Then I say, ´´As a member of the Church, if you want your son to be a missionary you have to name him Elder´´ Then quickly I say no just joking it means missionary. Everyone has found it so funny and are finding us more and more as people and not robots. We now have more than 10 new people that we have found this week to teach and to help. It helps to be natural and not always so serious but remember who you are. 

Winter is starting and I am going to have to kill a buffalo and use his hide to keep warm so I need to start hunting. Love you!!!

Elder York

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