Monday, February 24, 2014

We´ll walk, we´ll talk, we´ll teach, but we shall invite ALL unto Christ

     I am glad to hear from all of you and to know that you are all home safe. I feel so sad right now. One of the kids that I played football with and knew committed suicide. I had talked to him numerous times and he was a really good kid. Daniel was truly a great guy and it truly pains me to know that he has passed away. He is now in a place of rest where he won´t have problems with struggles or pains. He is at rest. The place where he is a place of rest from all problems, pains and afflictions and it is a paradise for those who wait for the resurrection.

     Many think that those who commit suicide go to hell. That is false. Who are we to judge people for what they did, no one but God alone knows how his mind set was when he made that decision. God loves him and will help him. This will be a moment of sadness for his family and I would hope that those who see his family and his friends would share where he is and bring the joy of the Gospel to them. 

     We have been instructed the week before by a man of God. Elder Ballard gave another reunion of Priesthood Holders where he said that the missionaries here in South America are wasting their time. I was shocked to hear that knowing that I have been doing my all to work my hardest. I was a little shocked and wondered 'Why? If I am doing my absolute best to teach and preach, why am I wasting my time?' He said that the Prophet has said that now is the time for Members and Missionaries to work together. We have been changing our work ethic a ton and yesterday we had a member with us from 3 until 9. His name is Hermano S. and we actually found his cousin who neither of them knew they were related. We taught many, many people yesterday about the Plan of Salvation and how to come closer to our Heavenly Father. The only way to truly find happiness is to serve others. 

     Please everyone who gets this please tell the youth who have recieved their calls and are preparing to go on a mission that it is the best thing in the world and has changed my life. I love this work and wish I could serve for 5 years.

     We'll walk, we'll talk, we'll teach, but we shall invite ALL unto Christ.

Elder York

Punta Arenas, Chile

Monday, February 17, 2014

M. Russell Ballard - One of the 12 Apostles of the Lord

Elder Fereira, Ronald Rasband, Walter F. Gonzalez and President Rappleye

Yes we had a visit here to our mission from That wonderful man. He is such an inspired person. I got to see it by video transmission and be able to hear him speak in english. He had a translator who translated into spanish but I was just so fascinated at hearing a member of the 12 Apostles here in my mission. He told us we need to talk to more people and to have fun. I felt the spirit so strong when he made some promises that I know will come to pass here. He shared one scripture that he said applies to us. Doctrine and Covenants 88:27.
"I the Lord will hasten my work in my time." The Lord wants us to work harder than ever now.

My new companion´s name is Elder Johnson and he is from Sandy Utah. He is the youngest in his family. He is new in the mission still and only has 3 transfers here. This is his second sector here in Punta Arenas. 

All I have to say is to share my testimony. I am so astounded by the conference that we had that I can´t even think about anything else so sorry for being short but this is all I can think.

I know that this is the one and true Gospel of Jesus Christ. The reason that Christ came here to this earth was to establish the perfect Church that would allow us to receive all of the blessings from God. Without this organization God could not communicate these blessings to us, his spiritual children. I am a representative of this organization and doing all that I can to bring these blessings to this earth and to all of my FAMILY and FRIENDS. I love this work with all of my heart and I know that it is the one and true Gospel here on this earth. This organization represents the Church of Jesus Christ, even the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. 

Either the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true, or it is not. We all must find out for ourselves and kneel and ask God in the name of Christ. I promise that if we act with faith, willing to act on the answer that we receive, we will receive an answer directly from our Eternal Father, not from Joseph Smith, not from Elder York but from our one and only God and Heavenly Father. I testify that God lives. He truly did appear to Joseph Smith to restore his church back on earth. 

Ask and it shall be given unto thee, knock and it shall be opened unto thee, seek and ye shall find. That promise and scripture applies even to this day because God talked to, talks to, and will always communicate his will through his Prophets and the Prophets will never be led in the wrong direction. 

I love all of you and share this, my humble testimony that you may know that I love My Heavenly Father and that I am willing to give my all to serve him. Even my life. I will do whatever thing my Father in Heaven asks of me and he asks me to share my testimony. I share all of this in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Master, Amen. 

Elder Alex York

Monday, February 10, 2014

Baptism, Confirmation and transfers

This week we had a baptism in our ward, Elder Dower baptized a girl who turned 8 whose Mom is less active and her Dad left years ago. We have been working a lot with them to reactivate them. I confirmed her on Sunday and I have never felt so special, I have never felt the Holy Ghost how I felt it as I confirmed Casandra. She is such a special girl and even though it doesn't count as a baptism in our missionary numbers, it is written in Heaven for what we did.

So we have transfers this week. I will be with another new missionary named Elder Johnson who is coming from Puerto Natales which is still here in Punta Arenas. He will have about 6 months here in Punta Arenas by the time he is done with me and I think I might be here in this ward for a long time. I'm excited! Elder Dower is heading up to LA UNION to a sector called Río Bueno. Río Bueno is on the other side of the lake of ENTRE LAGOS!!! He'll be close to my first sector!!

This week we have been working our tail ends off and the email will be short because I have way too many things to do but I love you all and am beyond busy so if you are praying for opportunities for me to teach, well it´s working. Keep it going!!


Elder York

Punta Arenas, Chile

We got a call Monday night from a couple who met our son down in Punta Arenas. They were on a cruise to Antarctica in the middle of January. They came across this group of missionaries on intercambios. They said there were three busloads of travelers - almost all LDS - coming back from seeing the penguins when they met them. What a small world we live in!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Miracles. Milagros.‏

This week has been so full of miracles. I am going to keep it short and sweet. The sisters had a baptism, first one in the ward in almost 3 years.

Elder Dower and I are going to baptize two investigators Ariel and Leslie. They are called "Eternal Investigators" but they are ready, just need to be married first. We had such a spiritual lesson with the Sisters and their newly baptized convert. We all played a little ping pong after everyone left while Elder Dower and I were waiting to drain the font and then we started talking about their wedding for some reason. Then we started talking more and more. The Spirit was so strong and as I was testifying to them I started to tell them that everything that we do is for them. We study, plan and pray, pray, pray and when we think it is enough we pray even more for them. I told them how much that I loved them and how much I truly cared for them and just started crying. They both started crying and told us that they want to be baptized and get married but just want to buy the ring and then they will be ready. I told them I would sell everything I had with me to help if it were necessary. I don´t think Elder Dower will be here to see it because he has 6 months here and transfers are next week but they will be baptized. I love them so so so much. They own a store that sells interior clothing and socks. I need socks so I am going to buy a lot of socks to help them out. =) I told all of the Elders here that if they needed socks, where to buy them haha.

We are seeing miracles and I am doing great. Health is good and loving life!!

Another miracle that happened!!!!

We found our friend DAN BURTON who is from Utah that we found here a few months ago. He went to Antarctica to break the world record to be the first person to bike from the coast of ANTARCTICA to the south pole. HE DID IT!!! He is the first ever and he is a member of the Church, RM. He took a book of Mormon with him that I gave him and put it on top of the actual pole down there. The Book of Mormon has reached the ends of the world. Then we came back and he brought his friend from Finland to come with us to lunch with our bishop (with whom Dan stayed with for about a week when he first got here) and he speaks a little bit of spanish and english so we taught him here in Chile in our Bishop's house with a member from Utah and he is from FINLAND. What a miracle to find him and to help him. He said he has never talked to missionaries or seen them but now he wants to find them. He actually emailed me and is back in Finland. I will continue to write him and encourage him to find them.

Elder Alex York

Punta Arenas, Chile