Monday, January 13, 2014

One more week in the Lord´s Vineyard

I always remember a song that is from Jericho Road called Time. It says "Time is a tickin, are ya listnen, are you finding what you're missin, because you'll be wishin that you weren't running out of time." It just makes me think that my time is incredibly short and that I will only have two years to do all that I am doing. I want to make the most of my time and actually I have decided that I need to be taking better advantage of the gifts that I have been given and all of the blessings that I will be blessed with. 

This week it has started to rain a lot but that is something that I am not new to haha. Alaska sure prepared me for the rain. It rained so much in Alaska..Seriously. Here in the south of Chile it rains a lot. Plus with the wind here it is even more fun. 

We are so close to changing to our new house. I just talked to the Financer of the Mission and he approved all of the spending costs that I asked for. I am excited because he trusts me enough to put a ton of the Lord´s money on my card. I feel humbled to know I am trusted. We just need to go and buy the things this week and we will be moving in. I can't wait!! A good house that there are no problems haha.

It is really interesting to think that now I am going to be a cousin again. By the time that he/she is on a mission or my age I will be about 40 years old. Just one of those moments that makes you think about life..Very interesting. Just another reminder that time is going by so quick. 

I had 6 people in this month that told me that they thought I was latino. Two people said I sound like I am from Peru and one said I sound like I am from Guatemala and 3 said I sound Chilean. I guess it took about a year for me to sound like a native. Not all people get that so I am so grateful that I have been able to develop this gift from the Lord.

I love this work so much. It is the only work that Salvation cometh. I love all of you too!!

Take care and remember that someone in Chile loves you.

Elder York

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