Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year Goals

I love the fact that we as missionaries here in Punta Arenas walk around in the sun that is hot because of the ozone hole, in rain and hail and wind. All at the same time haha. It is definitely strange to me. I always thought that I would be in a car as a missionary, with an iphone and ipad working and baptizing people all day long ha. Well here we walk everywhere and don´t have any real technology but we are doing the same work. We are working in the work of the Lord. I know it, I love it and it is a part of me. 

I just want all of you to know that I love you so much. 

Now that we are starting a new year I want one of my goals to be clear. This year once again I will be a missionary. But I want to be even better. I want to become more than just a missionary, I want to be the best I can and be able to find more people to help. 

I have been learning so much about my Father in Heaven lately. I am reading a book called, "Drawing on the Powers of Heaven" by Grant Von Harrison. I would recommend that every person read this book. I have learned so much about how our prayers can bring miracles. 

Missionary work is more than just running people down and trying to shout our message to the world. We share something more valuable than anything else in the world. Every one of us is a son and daughter of our Heavenly Father. He has a plan to save every single one of us. As missionaries we must see people as children of God and strive to help them by treating them as we are. I may not have baptized a million and 1 people but the people who I have helped, I did it right. That is what counts. 

I know that we all have people we know that could accept this message but we must ask our Father in Heaven how we can share it with them. Even something as small as bringing someone to mutual or church ball helps people gain testimonies.

I know we can help many people by our examples and by inviting them to listen to the missionaries. No one was ever offended by an invitation with love.

With so much love,
Elder York
Sunset in Punta Arenas

Punta Arenas - central plaza. Elder York kissing the foot of the Indian on the statue of Ferdinand Magellan. Legend has it that if you kiss the toe, you will return to Punta Arenas.

Elder York is in the Austral Ward, so he wanted a picture in front of this.

Elder York with his district in Punta Arenas.

Elder York with some of his zone. They went to a mall and sang Christmas carols.

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