Monday, December 9, 2013

They call it the half way point‏

From what I hear, here in this mission everyone calls this the "happy" 12 months left. I am not going to lie. I feel like it is going to be a sad last part of the mission but at the same time happy. I have given my all in the mission but I for sure have more to do. I just have to continue working my hardest and serving others. 

Well this week we had an investigator from a different mission that moved here. He contacted us and wants to be baptized! Wow! Not going to lie I was a little excited and wanted to just scream praises ha. Well he is a great guy. He called us and we met up with him in the church and we played ping pong. Random, (I forgot to mention that I have gotten really good here, I just learned how here but now I don't lose very much Haha that sounds prideful... But I'm not that good.) And he was so good. We just talked and learned more about him. He is just a golden man. We shall see how he does. 

So I have been a little confused. We are in summer and it snowed the other day and rains a lot actually haha. I hear that it is cold in Utah and even in Texas and I pray even harder that the Lord will send this cold up towards Utah and what not so you all can know how I feel haha. I love being down here so much. I am literally just loving it.

We found a new house!!! We are going to be changing in about a month to a new place where our ward mission leader lives. He is building an extension on his house and wants to know if we would like to move in!! Answer to prayers. We had found a house before that was a little better but they wanted 800 dollars a month. Where we are we pay about 180. The one now with our ward mission leader is about 280. He knows he isn't building it for us, that it is for the Lord. He was the old bishop here. I love that man! Brother Abonto. 

Honestly the location I am I love so much. I am seeing miracles and just loving every little thing about it. 

Remember that whenever you are praying that I am praying for you specifically. I love you so much and miss you all. Thank you for the happy birthdays to my Sweet Mother.

With exactness,

Elder York

I'm pretty sure this is Elder York on the island of Chiloé the day before being transferred to Punta Arenas.

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