Monday, December 2, 2013

Summer burning sun with snow?

Well here in Punta Arenas there in the "Osorno Cap" A ozone hole that when the sun shines it isn't hot but it does burn. Being a redhead here... Well I'll be tan soon!! Haha. I love it here and even though it is cold and we get a ton of snow I am loving it. 

This week we didn't have very much happen. We walked around a lot and sent off our friend Daniel Burton who is going to break the world record. He sent me an email from Antartica saying he is cold but loving it!! 

This week we will have the blessing of having our Mission President come down and instruct us on how we can become better missionaries. I am so excited to know how I can be better and be more like the Savior. 

So... About my house. We have been looking for a new house and there really just aren't ha. We want an apartment... The missionaries before us didn't like cleaning. AT ALL. Elder Dower said that the fridge doesn't work, the microwave or anything. I asked if he tried them and he said that his trainer said that his companions companions said that it was broke. So I plugged it in and it worked ha. Well now we have something haha. Our bathroom is like a horror scene. The paint is falling off from every corner and there is mold all over. There were mushrooms growing in the corner at least 4 inches tall.... Yeah we are looking for a new one haha. 

Well this week is something so important. It is the birthday of the woman who means the most to me in this entire world. My Mother will be turning 28. I am so grateful to have my Mom in my life. One doesn't realize how nice they have life until they don't have it anymore. Those of you who see my Mom give her a hug for me. I miss her and the good news is that I will be home for her next birthday hopefully. 

I know that this church is true. I know that we have a Prophet on the earth today and he is guiding the only Church of Jesus Christ. I know it. 

I love you all so much. Enjoy time with your family and help others who are a little down on their luck.

Elder York

So I seem to always ask a million questions. This week he answered some of them.....
Do you have a mamita? No the members feed us every day
Does someone do your laundry? We do it ourselves finally ha
What is your area it in the city, inland or by the coast, etc.? I am in the center of the city. That is my sector
What's your ward or branch like? The ward is awesome. We only have about 30 that come..
Do they have a different "slang" in Punta Arenas compared to up north? a little but not much
Do they eat different things down there? Food is about the same. Less potatoes
What's your favorite/least favorite meal? Favorite is all ha least favorite... none ha
Are you able to print off emails to read later? yes but I take a picture on my camera, free.
Did you ever get the two SD cards? no
Do you know what time you'll be able to Skype us on Christmas? I don't know the time. We´ll find out later.

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