Monday, December 23, 2013

Feliz Navidad

     This Christmas is going to be full of miracles. I am so excited to have my first Chilean Christmas. Sad that I will only have one. It is a little sad but it will be a fun one. Sounds like my family will also be having a Chilean Christmas. So what you do to be "Chilean" is you wait until 12 at night and then you open your gifts. Makes no sense right?? Well that´s how the Cookie Crumbles down here. 

     I will admit that talking to the family through skype will be so much fun but I am a little worried... All of the White people who speak english down here from the states have such a hard accent. I have lost mine so I am worried my family won´t understand me haha. Or I won´t understand them. Well we shall see. 

    This week I have had a lot of very cool things happen. We had a member of the 70 come here in the week and it was cool to see him and to learn from him. His name is Elder Fereira from Chile! 

     I had another "God answers prayers" moment. I was tired of waiting for a bus or a taxi because they were all full and I started getting frustrated and just then asked my Father in Heaven to please help us to not be late to our meeting with the Elder Fereira and when I ended there was a taxi with two other missionaries so we joined with them and got there exactly on time. God answers our prayers even the prayers of an unperfect missionary like me. I know it and now have a stronger testimony of it. 

    I also forgot to mention that I got called as the Ward Secretary. Second time here in my mission. It is cool because I get to help serve the bishop even more and grow closer with him. It is more responsibility but I can do it and I will do my best to complete with my duties as a missionary. 

     Let us all remember that Christ is the reason we celebrate. It is good to focus just on him and ask yourself, "what would Jesus do this day?" He would share his love with others and help others. Try to share this joy and experiences with everyone. 

With so much love,

Elder York

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