Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas, New Years and Transfers?

Punta Arenas Zone - Elder York dressed up as Santa and delivered the last of the Christmas packages (unfortunately not his own!)

Well the good news is that there are no transfers here for Elder Dower and I! I am really excited because we actually get along very well. He is a good missionary and is progressing a ton. I am so glad to be with him and have the chance to share my example with him and maybe help him to be better. 

This Christmas was very good but my last [in MTC] was still much better. We spent a lot of time with the members and well of course SKYPEing with the family! One of the best parts. I absolutely loved it. One of the best parts also was this Saturday. All of the missionaries here in Punta Arenas went to the plaza in the center of the city and we all drew the Plan of Salvation with chalk. Elder Jensen had the idea from his mom who saw missionaries in New York doing it. It turned out great. We taught like 8 legitimate lessons with people and planted so many seeds and found new investigators. I will send some pictures attached. 

Elder York and Elder Dower in Punta Arenas with their
plan of salvation chalk images.

I am so proud to be a missionary. Being a missionary I have the chance to help people to learn more about God and our Savior Jesus Christ. I also have had the chance to come to know our Savior on a more personal level that is very sacred to me. I love him so much. He is my Lord and my King. I have made a promise to always serve him and others. I plan to share the Gospel the rest of my life, for all of my life. All I do and want will be to edify and build up this Church which is the church of Christ. 

I love you all so much and can´t wait until the next Christmas. I will be home by then but won´t want to come home.. Well until next week.

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

Elder York

We were able to Skype with Elder York on Christmas day. It was amazing!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Feliz Navidad

     This Christmas is going to be full of miracles. I am so excited to have my first Chilean Christmas. Sad that I will only have one. It is a little sad but it will be a fun one. Sounds like my family will also be having a Chilean Christmas. So what you do to be "Chilean" is you wait until 12 at night and then you open your gifts. Makes no sense right?? Well that´s how the Cookie Crumbles down here. 

     I will admit that talking to the family through skype will be so much fun but I am a little worried... All of the White people who speak english down here from the states have such a hard accent. I have lost mine so I am worried my family won´t understand me haha. Or I won´t understand them. Well we shall see. 

    This week I have had a lot of very cool things happen. We had a member of the 70 come here in the week and it was cool to see him and to learn from him. His name is Elder Fereira from Chile! 

     I had another "God answers prayers" moment. I was tired of waiting for a bus or a taxi because they were all full and I started getting frustrated and just then asked my Father in Heaven to please help us to not be late to our meeting with the Elder Fereira and when I ended there was a taxi with two other missionaries so we joined with them and got there exactly on time. God answers our prayers even the prayers of an unperfect missionary like me. I know it and now have a stronger testimony of it. 

    I also forgot to mention that I got called as the Ward Secretary. Second time here in my mission. It is cool because I get to help serve the bishop even more and grow closer with him. It is more responsibility but I can do it and I will do my best to complete with my duties as a missionary. 

     Let us all remember that Christ is the reason we celebrate. It is good to focus just on him and ask yourself, "what would Jesus do this day?" He would share his love with others and help others. Try to share this joy and experiences with everyone. 

With so much love,

Elder York

Monday, December 16, 2013

Lovin' missionary life

Not going to lie. I have been having such a great time being a missionary. We work all day and we get to see the Gospel bless lives. This week we have found 4 people who are not "golden" but they are just awesome. I am so grateful for the chance that I have to be here. I am thankful for all of you who support me while I am out here. I may not be the best missionary but I know that the Lord will make up that which I cannot do. I just used to think that, now I KNOW it. I know that he loves us and not WILL make up the rest but he HAS already done it. The Atonement is truly for us to grow and to progress in this life. 

Yesterday was one of the most spiritual days that I have ever had. Yesterday here in Chile was elections for the President so Church was only 1 hour. All we had was the Sacrament meeting and we had an investigator come for the first time. I had the chance to give a talk and when I got up my mind went blank with what I had prepared. I just opened it and the words came. I started by asking a question. I asked what is a covenant. I explained that it was a promise or a contract that God has made with us and that we sign when we are at the age of accountability. Then I read the story of "The Current Bush" (Look for the Mormon Message on it by Elder Christofferson) and explained how God knows what is best for us. I then shared about missionary work and how I struggled to accept that I was a Child of God and that God really loved me. I shared how much love I feel sharing this with everyone and that now I know without doubt that I am a Son of God. Then all of a sudden after I said that the best way to feel it completely is to help other people recognize it and to share it with them, something marvelous happened.

I started crying and couldn´t see past my notes. Then I for the first time in my life heard a voice tell me. "THIS IS JOY" I know without a doubt that it was the Holy Ghost. I love this work with all of my heart and I testify to you! Find a friend or someone who does not have this in their life and bring this happiness to them. There is no other way in this life to have Joy. This I testify to the world. Member missionary work is the only way that this work will move forward. 

Con tanto amor,

Elder York

Monday, December 9, 2013

They call it the half way point‏

From what I hear, here in this mission everyone calls this the "happy" 12 months left. I am not going to lie. I feel like it is going to be a sad last part of the mission but at the same time happy. I have given my all in the mission but I for sure have more to do. I just have to continue working my hardest and serving others. 

Well this week we had an investigator from a different mission that moved here. He contacted us and wants to be baptized! Wow! Not going to lie I was a little excited and wanted to just scream praises ha. Well he is a great guy. He called us and we met up with him in the church and we played ping pong. Random, (I forgot to mention that I have gotten really good here, I just learned how here but now I don't lose very much Haha that sounds prideful... But I'm not that good.) And he was so good. We just talked and learned more about him. He is just a golden man. We shall see how he does. 

So I have been a little confused. We are in summer and it snowed the other day and rains a lot actually haha. I hear that it is cold in Utah and even in Texas and I pray even harder that the Lord will send this cold up towards Utah and what not so you all can know how I feel haha. I love being down here so much. I am literally just loving it.

We found a new house!!! We are going to be changing in about a month to a new place where our ward mission leader lives. He is building an extension on his house and wants to know if we would like to move in!! Answer to prayers. We had found a house before that was a little better but they wanted 800 dollars a month. Where we are we pay about 180. The one now with our ward mission leader is about 280. He knows he isn't building it for us, that it is for the Lord. He was the old bishop here. I love that man! Brother Abonto. 

Honestly the location I am I love so much. I am seeing miracles and just loving every little thing about it. 

Remember that whenever you are praying that I am praying for you specifically. I love you so much and miss you all. Thank you for the happy birthdays to my Sweet Mother.

With exactness,

Elder York

I'm pretty sure this is Elder York on the island of ChiloƩ the day before being transferred to Punta Arenas.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Summer burning sun with snow?

Well here in Punta Arenas there in the "Osorno Cap" A ozone hole that when the sun shines it isn't hot but it does burn. Being a redhead here... Well I'll be tan soon!! Haha. I love it here and even though it is cold and we get a ton of snow I am loving it. 

This week we didn't have very much happen. We walked around a lot and sent off our friend Daniel Burton who is going to break the world record. He sent me an email from Antartica saying he is cold but loving it!! 

This week we will have the blessing of having our Mission President come down and instruct us on how we can become better missionaries. I am so excited to know how I can be better and be more like the Savior. 

So... About my house. We have been looking for a new house and there really just aren't ha. We want an apartment... The missionaries before us didn't like cleaning. AT ALL. Elder Dower said that the fridge doesn't work, the microwave or anything. I asked if he tried them and he said that his trainer said that his companions companions said that it was broke. So I plugged it in and it worked ha. Well now we have something haha. Our bathroom is like a horror scene. The paint is falling off from every corner and there is mold all over. There were mushrooms growing in the corner at least 4 inches tall.... Yeah we are looking for a new one haha. 

Well this week is something so important. It is the birthday of the woman who means the most to me in this entire world. My Mother will be turning 28. I am so grateful to have my Mom in my life. One doesn't realize how nice they have life until they don't have it anymore. Those of you who see my Mom give her a hug for me. I miss her and the good news is that I will be home for her next birthday hopefully. 

I know that this church is true. I know that we have a Prophet on the earth today and he is guiding the only Church of Jesus Christ. I know it. 

I love you all so much. Enjoy time with your family and help others who are a little down on their luck.

Elder York

So I seem to always ask a million questions. This week he answered some of them.....
Do you have a mamita? No the members feed us every day
Does someone do your laundry? We do it ourselves finally ha
What is your area it in the city, inland or by the coast, etc.? I am in the center of the city. That is my sector
What's your ward or branch like? The ward is awesome. We only have about 30 that come..
Do they have a different "slang" in Punta Arenas compared to up north? a little but not much
Do they eat different things down there? Food is about the same. Less potatoes
What's your favorite/least favorite meal? Favorite is all ha least favorite... none ha
Are you able to print off emails to read later? yes but I take a picture on my camera, free.
Did you ever get the two SD cards? no
Do you know what time you'll be able to Skype us on Christmas? I don't know the time. We´ll find out later.