Monday, November 11, 2013

Prayers for the Philippines!‏

I was saddened to hear about the typhoon that went through the Philippines and even sadder to hear that one of my best friends Sister Sara Webber is missing. Please keep their family in your prayers and pray that she will be found. I know the Lord protects missionaries and members of his family. Which is everyone. He will do according to his will and he has a plan. ´´Pray unto the Father with all energy of Heart´´

This week we have been having a lot of fun and it has shown that here in Chiloé it is always winter. Makes sense because I am in the bottom half of the world. We had our first sunny day and I took a picture and will attach it. 

This sunday I had the best experience in almost all of my mission. We found a less active member who was baptized 10 years ago and after one year in the church divorced his wife and became a very hard drug addict. We found him and we have been working with him a ton! He came to Church on sunday, HAD ALL OF THE HYMNS WE SUNG STILL MEMORIZED and had a very good time. He hit it off so well with the members and we talked with the secretary and we are working for getting his records from Santiago and getting him clean and back on track. Love that guy!! 

I had an experience that tells me again and again that God answers prayers. We were walking down the road and I felt the impression or had a thought to go and visit an Hermana close by. We went in and I felt impressed to donate 4 mil pesos (8 dollars) to the ward temple trip this month. I didn´t know why but I did what I was told. I gave it to her and my companion gave a little bit too. She started tearing up and told us the story that today for mutual one of the recent converts had competed in the contest of making a miniature version of a temple. The young women all got together and made one and he was on his own. He made the Santiago Temple because he wants to go there one day but can´t afford to go. The first place prize was a cake and all the young women shared. Hna. Jenny felt impressed to give Julio as the second prize winner a free trip to the Temple this month. She didn't know how to pay for it but knew the Lord would make it work. She came home and prayed. 5 minutes later we passed by. After hearing this I gave the rest of my food money for the month to help pay for him and so did my companion. 
All of that because we were worthy to have the companionship of the Holy Ghost.

I love this work, DO SOMETHING GOOD FOR SOMEONE YOU KNOW. Bless the lives of others and pray for the missionaries and the people in the Philippines and pray for Sister Sara Webber.

Elder York

Elder York on his birthday (October 12th) with some members in Chiloé. 
Elder York on a bridge over a river in his sector on Chiloé.

Palafitos - house on water

This dish is called Cazuela or in English just like a beef stew but this one has chicken. 

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