Monday, November 25, 2013

A Utahn in Punta Arenas?‏

So just as the title says, we had a miracle moment that was very touching and very, very cool.

We had a miracle happen already. Well about 3 actually. We got a call from our bishop the other day to say that there was a Hermano from Utah looking for us. I thought it might be someone I knew or Elder Dower and the Bishop said he spoke no spanish and our bishop knows no english. We went and found this guy named Daniel Burton from Eagle Mountain. He is coming down here to the south pole to ride his bike from the coast of Antarctica all the way to the south pole. He wants to be the first one to do it. He is an active member and an ex missionary. A very good guy and we didn't know him before. He found the bishop's house by the app to find a church and then found the address of the bishop. His plan was delayed so that's why he looked him up to find a place to stay. He stayed in the house of our Bishop. He owns a bike store in Saratoga Springs.

His name is Daniel Burton and he is just a very cool guy. He is a member of the Church and he speaks no spanish. During this whole experience I have learned how cool it is to see how the Brotherhood of this church is. Our bishop let him stay in his little house in an instant. I had to interpret pretty much but he now knows a couple new words. 
Dan is in the picture that we have below. He has a blog.

My new companion is attatched in the photo below. But he is from Syracuse. He is the oldest in his family too and the funny thing is that he was the companion of Elder Holt (Who I trained) in the Mtc in Mexico ha.

Well I have more duties now so I have to get a couple things done so I will write more next week!!
I love you all so much. GOOGLE PUNTA ARENAS and check out how beautiful it is here. I am in love ha. 

I love you!!
Elder York

Elder York with Daniel Burton and Elder Dower in Punta Arenas.

Elder York with Elder Dower

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