Monday, October 14, 2013

Elder Chicken, Chicken Pox‏

Well good news and bad news. Because I am here writing you means that I don´t have the Chicken Pox. The bad news is my companion has them and is not loving life at the moment. He is getting a TON of studying done ha. The poor guy I am staying on the other side of the room and always disenfecting the house so that I don´t get sick too. He has to stay locked in for about 14 days. Well only 10 more to go ha. He has already read the new testament and is now just reading like a mad man. I have gotten a ton of studies done also and am learning lots. I am in the book of Alma in "El Libro de Mormón". I like reading it in spanish because I learn double what I do in English. Also the same with the bible. 

Literally we have been sitting in the house all week so I don´t have too much to tell this week but the members here and all the people I have met are just so sweet. 

Our branch President gave me a Chiloé hoodie and like 4 or 5 members have made me a cake and cupcakes. Now that we can´t leave the house really they are making us more food and just going to the very far to make life easier for us. It is really touching to see that now when we can´t serve the members that they are turning to serve my companion and I. 

I love you all!! Be safe and study the scriptures daily. That is the key to being able to endure to the end. 
Faith in the Lord is accepting and knowing that he loves you.
Two quotes that have helped me. 

Elder York

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