Monday, October 28, 2013

Finally... I´M BACK! (From being sick that is)

Well after 2 and a half weeks locked in the house I have finally returned to the outside world. I have had a lot of very eye opening experiences these past couple of days. I have gotten a lot of reading done in books of the Church and the Scriptures. I am in Alma 50 in spanish and I realized that I have almost hit my half way mark in the mission.

I had a very good birthday so thank you all for all you do. I am so grateful to have all of you as my family and my friends. All of the members here have been treating me just as I was one of their own by checking up on us and bringing us food. They are so loving here in Chile and are easily my second family. They are very cool but can´t compare to all of you. I love you all lots. 

I have had absolutely nothing go on in the past two weeks but studying and more studying. I have never read so much in one day. I read about 200 pages every day. I´m re reading a couple books and focusing on the Book of Mormon in Spanish. El Libro de Mormón. 

I just am full of thanks for all of you and for all that you do for me and for this week. If I were to ask for a Birthday or a Christmas present from all of you it would be to share this Gospel WITH SOMEONE YOU LOVE. A friend or someone. If you want to know what life is being a missionary, then why not give it a try? 1 person who you know, imagine the change that this Gospel would bring to their lives. That is what we as Missionaries do daily. 

I love this work with all of my heart. I am truly pained to think that I only have 1 year left. I am fully dedicated to the Lord and I know that he will guide me and protect me as I serve him with all of my heart might, mind and strength. 

Remember the words of the Prophets.. ´´Every member a missionary´´
Doesn´t mean give up all you have for two years, what it means is, Live the Gospel in way that others will feel inspired to ask you about it and be prepared to share at all times.

I love this Church.

John 3:16

Elder York

Note: I asked if he received his birthday package. The two things he asked for his birthday were ties and Reese's. We sent 17 ties and a big bag of Reese's among many other things. 
Elder York: "I got the package by the way. Thank you so so so much for all of it. I kept a couple ties ha. I did share everything though but I kept a couple things for myself: I wanted the reeses for the members. I ate like 2 and am sharing them all with the members. They love it and say thank you so so much."

Monday, October 21, 2013

Elder York got the chicken pox...

Well, it happened. I guess the chicken pox shot doesn't always work. Here's the email we received from Alex's companion. I like how he signed it Elder Pollo (chicken). 

Elder York got the chicken pox just as I was getting better.  Don´t worry he still can do everything the same we are just confined to the house for longer.  I want to tell you he has been a great trainer and a good leader here.  The members love him and he has taught me what it really means to be a missionary.  He will write back when he can.

Elder Pollo 
(Elder Holt)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Elder Chicken, Chicken Pox‏

Well good news and bad news. Because I am here writing you means that I don´t have the Chicken Pox. The bad news is my companion has them and is not loving life at the moment. He is getting a TON of studying done ha. The poor guy I am staying on the other side of the room and always disenfecting the house so that I don´t get sick too. He has to stay locked in for about 14 days. Well only 10 more to go ha. He has already read the new testament and is now just reading like a mad man. I have gotten a ton of studies done also and am learning lots. I am in the book of Alma in "El Libro de Mormón". I like reading it in spanish because I learn double what I do in English. Also the same with the bible. 

Literally we have been sitting in the house all week so I don´t have too much to tell this week but the members here and all the people I have met are just so sweet. 

Our branch President gave me a Chiloé hoodie and like 4 or 5 members have made me a cake and cupcakes. Now that we can´t leave the house really they are making us more food and just going to the very far to make life easier for us. It is really touching to see that now when we can´t serve the members that they are turning to serve my companion and I. 

I love you all!! Be safe and study the scriptures daily. That is the key to being able to endure to the end. 
Faith in the Lord is accepting and knowing that he loves you.
Two quotes that have helped me. 

Elder York

Monday, October 7, 2013

Don´t look back... Or get turned to salt!!

This conference session has been just awesome. Listening to the Prophet of the whole Earth is just the greatest thing in the world. I learned so much and like always received answers to my prayers. My favorite talk was by Elder Dube. Don't look back. At times we can't move on because we feel that we have sinned and we are like that forever. We must have faith on the Atonement of Christ and remember just like the Lord has said. "He who has repented of his sins, I the Lord, will remember them no more." I love that scripture in the Doctrine and Covenants so much. I have seen that in my life and I know that we can't look back on our past problems. We can only look forward and continue on. I know that this Church is true. I can't say it enough. I know that we all will make mistakes but it doesn't matter what the mistake is, the only thing that matters is what we do to correct it. 

I would get down on myself a lot and beat up on myself for what I have done. I have learned that we are not listening to the Holy Ghost when we do that and are in a way rejecting the Atonement in our lives. I know that our Savior suffered and died for me and my sins so that he could know how to help me in this life to return to live with him. I know he blesses us with trials and gives us weaknesses so that if we are humble, he will make them strong. Ether 12:27.

This week has been interesting. We have been working a lot and doing our absolute best to complete with our objective. We work all day and some times we only find 2 people that will even talk to us. Being a missionary is hard but it is worth it. I love being here and I know that I can do this. The mission is changing my life for the good. I love it!! I can't believe that TYLER KNIGHTON WAS BAPTIZED!! I really want his email if someone can get it for me!! 

Well don't ever look back. Don't ever think you are lost or without help. Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, and let him work miracles in your lives. I know he will and that he loves us. Lose yourselves in the service of others and you will be blessed. I love you so so much. Take care and Follow the Lord.

Elder York