Monday, September 16, 2013

Spring? Birds Chirping? Sun?!

Well all the above is starting to happen. I am loving it here in Chiloé and I hope I will be here for Christmas. I love the members here so much. Every monday to friday we eat with our ´´Mamita´´ She always stuffs us with food... I don´t know how I am losing weight haha. Well and on the weekends we have different members that feed us. It is so much fun and I have grown so close with some of the members. I know that I knew some of these people before this life. I know it. 

¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡18 of SEPTEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So this week is our 4th of july out here in Chile. I say ´´our´´ because I feel like I am Chileno. I love it here so much. So this entire week no one works. Thank goodness the internet is open! So here in all of the stores, all of the alcohol is super cheap normally. But right now it is so cheap that I could buy with 10 dollars.36 cans of beer. That is one of the most expensive brands normally... So basically we are locked in our house and in the houses of members. We as missionaries aren´t allowed to work these days because everyone is walkng around drunk because no one has to work at all. It is such an adventure haha. Whenever people yell´´ Hey Gringos´´ I put a little attitude in it and say ´´Hey! We are from Canada.´´ They get my point and always yell they are sorry and stop bugging us hahah.

I am having lots of adventures with the new missionary I am training, or my ´´son´´ haha. I love having this chance to be able to train him and to help get him on his feet. The very first thing I said to him was ´´Look Elder, When you are with me, we are obedient. Cachai? (Understand) haha He agreed and I can see how he follows my example more than I think he notices haha so it is crucial that I be obedient. 

I love this work and being a missionary. I am almost to the end of reading the bible. It is so interesting and helps one to know the truth. Our church does nothing against the bible. Just as the Prophet has said, This work will go forth unto the ends of the earth until it has sounded in every ear and in every language. 

AMOS 3:7

Elder York

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