Monday, September 2, 2013

Soy un Padre!‏

Well not quite literally but basically. His name is Elder Holt and he is from Lehi Utah. He played a ton of soccer and just graduated this year. He is 18 years old. He is super excited and animated. 

We now have another person who has a baptismal date and that is following through with his commitments. His name is Francoy and is really just an awesome guy. He has had lots of problems in his past before but he has been in the process of changing for about 3 years. He wants to be baptized. He will be my second person who I will have the chance of helping to be baptized here in Juan Soler. 

A couple Elders and I here on the Island went into Osorno to go and look for our "Kids" (Who we will be training). I stayed in Ovejeria and we called for a pizza and I got a flash drive full of Piano Guys and Lindsey sterling. They are just the best! If you can send me piano guys music I would just love it!!! Hahaha

Well we have to run a little early today because Elder Holt has lots of stuff to do and to get. He came from the Mexico MTC and it was pure summer so he is just freezing to death. 

Well I love you all and will write you all next week!!!


Elder York

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