Monday, September 23, 2013

Empanadas, completos, ponchi (Mormón) and so much food!!!‏

Well my wonderful family and friends, I am just coming off the week most stuffing, most dance watching, most... so many things haha. We as missionaries couldn't leave the house unless we had a fixed appointment with a member. Because everyone here gets super drunk haha. Well so you know me.. I called every member and set up an appointment to pass by haha. So we went and had so so much food! Barbecues Chilean style. We ate a lot.. I'll attach photos. I got to take a picture with a lamb on my shoulders haha just like Jesus did ha!!

For the 18th itself you eat lots of "empanadas" They are full of meat, 1 boiled egg and spices and some small cut up onions. They were great, except for the fact that I ate more than 30 that people offered us... So much food. Then on the 19th which is also a holiday they all did barbecues... Wow. More than the polynesian luaus that we went to! We ate lots of beef, chicken, pork, sausage and very spicy "Chile Peppers" ha it was so good and I know a couple people who would just love those peppers!! So hot but so good!! 

This coming saturday we have interviews with our Mission President and then right after District Conference. (For all you in Utah, it's like stake conference but a district is what a branch comes from haha. I didn't know that before the mission so I don't know if you all knew haha)

I got to dress up like a "Huaso" Chilean cowboy. It was so so much fun and we had a huge tug a war contest. They put all the women to do it, then all the children, boys then girls and then the men haha. We had to go outside to do it because we were too.. "Manly" haha. SO so hard because there are a lot of strong people here haha. My side won ;) but we were just stronger haha! 

I have just had such a great week and we have been working super hard and having a blast while doing it. It is super hard for us to find anyone to teach right now.. We have nobody we can teach... It is hard but we are praying and fasting to find at least one person ready for us. 

I know this Church is true. I just as of today finished reading the Bible all the way through except for the old testament but it conforms to everything that we believe and we follow it word for word. There is no other Church that can say that because they are missing something crucial. The Prophet and the authority. I have seen so many lives change because of this church. I will defend it and preach it until I can't anymore. I might literally come home in a wheelchair at the rate i'm going haha. 

Well I love you all so so much. I will send more pictures. I have loved getting letters from you all and love hearing from you. 
I love you!!

Read 2 Nephi 32!!

Elder York

Elder York dressed as a "huaso" or Chilean cowboy.
Elder York's District president and his wife.

His mamita making empanadas.

Elder York with his new companion.

Elder York with the lamb.


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