Monday, September 30, 2013

Truly loving life!‏

I can´t say anything more. I just am loving my life right now. Everything is going just so great. I am enjoying it because I am always so dang tired haha. It is fun and I am really just enjoying everything. 

I have found out that I am a lot bigger than the Chileans here and a little stronger ha. We go around and cut firewood so much during the day. I have carried more wood in a wheelbarrow and chopped more wood in 8 months than in my entire life haha. We are always looking to serve people because then it is easy to teach people. My poor companion was a soccer player. Well that says it all haha just kidding he is great. He has never cut wood before so teaching him has been very fun. I broke my second axe ha. We were cutting wood for a widow and we were cutting for about an hour and right after I said last one, it broke haha. The mission covered it because I was actually doing work with it. 

     This week we had our district conference and it was just the greatest ever! My second district conference and I learned a lot. President Rappleye came out to do our missionary interviews (to see how we are and what´s up) just as he does every three months. It went great and he said I am doing a good job with Elder Holt. 

     I am just loving the members here in Chiloé. I have been working so hard with all of the members to try and get a reference, or a friend who I can go and teach with them, because THAT IS HOW MISSIONARY WORK IS DONE. With the members to go with them to a friend haha. They are more likely to recieve the missionaries when they have a friend at the door. Well My entire mission I have only gotten like 5 people that I could go by and visit with the members. This week we have been working so hard and working so hard with the members and we got 12!!!! This is going to change the sector!! I am so excited now. I know that I have been successful in this sector.

Baptisms don´t measure the success of a missionary. The success of a missionary is what he did, who he helped and who he became. I am so grateful that I still have more time to become even better. I have seen such a huge change in my life. I feel more now like our Savior Jesus Christ. 

I have seen so many peoples lives change because of this Church. I love what I am doing and I INVITE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU WHO RECIEVE THIS, TO CALL OR FIND THE MISSIONARIES AND TO LISTEN TO WHAT THEY HAVE TO SHARE. I am sharing the exact same message. What do you have to lose? 

I have felt the Atonement in my life. I know that Jesus Christ truly died for us. I will follow him and I know that only through him I can return to our Heavenly Father. I love this work. I know He lives. If there is one thing that I know it is that Jesus Christ Lives. 

Sé que Jesucristo es nuestro Salvador y Redentor. Sé que no importa quienes somos o de donde venimos, Él nos ama y quiere cada uno de nosotros. Yo Sé que El Libro de Mormón es la palabra de Dios y que él escuche y conteste nuestros oraciones. Todo de esto comparto en el nombre de Jesucristo, Amén. 

Elder York

Monday, September 23, 2013

Empanadas, completos, ponchi (Mormón) and so much food!!!‏

Well my wonderful family and friends, I am just coming off the week most stuffing, most dance watching, most... so many things haha. We as missionaries couldn't leave the house unless we had a fixed appointment with a member. Because everyone here gets super drunk haha. Well so you know me.. I called every member and set up an appointment to pass by haha. So we went and had so so much food! Barbecues Chilean style. We ate a lot.. I'll attach photos. I got to take a picture with a lamb on my shoulders haha just like Jesus did ha!!

For the 18th itself you eat lots of "empanadas" They are full of meat, 1 boiled egg and spices and some small cut up onions. They were great, except for the fact that I ate more than 30 that people offered us... So much food. Then on the 19th which is also a holiday they all did barbecues... Wow. More than the polynesian luaus that we went to! We ate lots of beef, chicken, pork, sausage and very spicy "Chile Peppers" ha it was so good and I know a couple people who would just love those peppers!! So hot but so good!! 

This coming saturday we have interviews with our Mission President and then right after District Conference. (For all you in Utah, it's like stake conference but a district is what a branch comes from haha. I didn't know that before the mission so I don't know if you all knew haha)

I got to dress up like a "Huaso" Chilean cowboy. It was so so much fun and we had a huge tug a war contest. They put all the women to do it, then all the children, boys then girls and then the men haha. We had to go outside to do it because we were too.. "Manly" haha. SO so hard because there are a lot of strong people here haha. My side won ;) but we were just stronger haha! 

I have just had such a great week and we have been working super hard and having a blast while doing it. It is super hard for us to find anyone to teach right now.. We have nobody we can teach... It is hard but we are praying and fasting to find at least one person ready for us. 

I know this Church is true. I just as of today finished reading the Bible all the way through except for the old testament but it conforms to everything that we believe and we follow it word for word. There is no other Church that can say that because they are missing something crucial. The Prophet and the authority. I have seen so many lives change because of this church. I will defend it and preach it until I can't anymore. I might literally come home in a wheelchair at the rate i'm going haha. 

Well I love you all so so much. I will send more pictures. I have loved getting letters from you all and love hearing from you. 
I love you!!

Read 2 Nephi 32!!

Elder York

Elder York dressed as a "huaso" or Chilean cowboy.
Elder York's District president and his wife.

His mamita making empanadas.

Elder York with his new companion.

Elder York with the lamb.


Monday, September 16, 2013

Spring? Birds Chirping? Sun?!

Well all the above is starting to happen. I am loving it here in Chiloé and I hope I will be here for Christmas. I love the members here so much. Every monday to friday we eat with our ´´Mamita´´ She always stuffs us with food... I don´t know how I am losing weight haha. Well and on the weekends we have different members that feed us. It is so much fun and I have grown so close with some of the members. I know that I knew some of these people before this life. I know it. 

¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡18 of SEPTEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So this week is our 4th of july out here in Chile. I say ´´our´´ because I feel like I am Chileno. I love it here so much. So this entire week no one works. Thank goodness the internet is open! So here in all of the stores, all of the alcohol is super cheap normally. But right now it is so cheap that I could buy with 10 dollars.36 cans of beer. That is one of the most expensive brands normally... So basically we are locked in our house and in the houses of members. We as missionaries aren´t allowed to work these days because everyone is walkng around drunk because no one has to work at all. It is such an adventure haha. Whenever people yell´´ Hey Gringos´´ I put a little attitude in it and say ´´Hey! We are from Canada.´´ They get my point and always yell they are sorry and stop bugging us hahah.

I am having lots of adventures with the new missionary I am training, or my ´´son´´ haha. I love having this chance to be able to train him and to help get him on his feet. The very first thing I said to him was ´´Look Elder, When you are with me, we are obedient. Cachai? (Understand) haha He agreed and I can see how he follows my example more than I think he notices haha so it is crucial that I be obedient. 

I love this work and being a missionary. I am almost to the end of reading the bible. It is so interesting and helps one to know the truth. Our church does nothing against the bible. Just as the Prophet has said, This work will go forth unto the ends of the earth until it has sounded in every ear and in every language. 

AMOS 3:7

Elder York

Monday, September 9, 2013

What a week!

Well right now all of the roads are flooded with water and it is like 4 degrees outside with rain. Wow can you say what a fun mission Elder York has 5 times fast? Well I honestly love it and am doing just awesome. I am loving every second of the mission and doing my absolute best. It is a ton of fun and I wish I had more time in the day to work. The only time I have time to stop and think is when I am waking up and going to bed haha. Time is going by so fast that it is kind of stressing me out. I have less and less time to work... Lots of prayers for slower time haha. 

There are so many blessings that come from Missionary work. We are going and bringing our brothers and sisters to our Heavenly Father. We also must experience opposition like joy and sadness. I am feeling more joy than ever while being a missionary and it is just the best decision of my life. I wish I could be a missionary for longer haha. 

This Church truly brings blessings to families. I have seen peoples lives change because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When true doctrine understood, attitudes change. I have seen so much joy brought to peoples lives. I could spend all day just writing about the blessings I have seen. 

If I were to write or say one thing it is that I know this church is true. I know that we must literally follow the example of Jesus Christ and follow him in everything he does. I have almost finished reading the entire bible. I have read through the Book of Mormon 2 and am working on it for my 3rd time on the mission. God loves us and that is why he calls a Prophet. Thomas S. Monson has been called of God to be his Prophet and his mouthpiece here on earth. Only through this Church can we make covenants to return to live with our Father in Heaven. I wish that every single person I talk to would pray to know our message is true. I know it is true and I love this Gospel and Church. THis Church is the same Church that Jesus Christ Established. 

I love you all so much. I pray for you and pray you all will have missionary opportunities. Keep on being the best you can be and remember there is an Elder in Chile who loves You!

Elder York

Monday, September 2, 2013

Soy un Padre!‏

Well not quite literally but basically. His name is Elder Holt and he is from Lehi Utah. He played a ton of soccer and just graduated this year. He is 18 years old. He is super excited and animated. 

We now have another person who has a baptismal date and that is following through with his commitments. His name is Francoy and is really just an awesome guy. He has had lots of problems in his past before but he has been in the process of changing for about 3 years. He wants to be baptized. He will be my second person who I will have the chance of helping to be baptized here in Juan Soler. 

A couple Elders and I here on the Island went into Osorno to go and look for our "Kids" (Who we will be training). I stayed in Ovejeria and we called for a pizza and I got a flash drive full of Piano Guys and Lindsey sterling. They are just the best! If you can send me piano guys music I would just love it!!! Hahaha

Well we have to run a little early today because Elder Holt has lots of stuff to do and to get. He came from the Mexico MTC and it was pure summer so he is just freezing to death. 

Well I love you all and will write you all next week!!!


Elder York