Monday, August 5, 2013

Could be worse!!‏

Elder York on the island of Chiloé.

     I don´t know if I have ever had a week like this in my entire life ha! Lots of good but bad as well. My knee has been having a fit but is healing little by little. 
     I have fallen in love with Chile. It is my home for now and I am taking advantage of it. The people here are so awesome and loving!

     Our investigator came to church! They have to come 3 times and have recieved all of the lessons and be keeping their commitments before they can be baptized and he is doing it!! I am so excited for him to make this step towards our Heavenly Father. 

     I have had so many people try to bible bash with me this week. My trainer lived off bashing. I do not like it for a bit. I know so many scriptures to bash with people and pursuade them that their church is missing things and ours is the Church of Christ but that´s not why I am here. I am here to Invite people to come unto Christ, which means they have to feel the spirit to take an action. Which means I have to have the Spirit by being obedient, and worthy. I can feel the Spirit in my life in so many ways now that I never realized before. 

     The branch here is huge. It would be a ward but the other branches around here are a lot smaller. We have an actual church building and when I first saw it I thought it was a temple haha. The members here are just awesome and so loving. This week we had Splits and I went with the Papito, husband of the mamita of the other Elders in our branch. It went super awesome and he has such a good spirit. He is a new convert of 1 year and I know I knew him before. He is just awesome! We hit it off the first day we met. He bore his testimony this sunday and said, ``I am grateful to have my brother York here with me.`` Juan Rain 

     Well work hard, love everyone, and laugh a lot!!

With all the love I can muster,

Elder York

We get so few pictures of Elder York, we found this on the mission website and thought we'd add it. Elder York (back row, center) at a zone conference for the Osorno, Rahue and La Union Zones, February 2013.

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