Monday, August 19, 2013

1st baptism in 3 years!

Well here in Juan Soler 2 in Castro Chiloé we had a miracle. The very first baptism in Juan Soler 2 in 3 years! The Missionaries in Juan Soler 1 baptize regularly so our sector President is thinking about shutting it down but hey! Baptism! We are so excited for the chance that we had to help our Brother José B. to be baptized and to be able to make these life saving covenants. 

This week has been a very interesting week and we have been working pretty hard. The members here are so great and are helping us with whatever thing that we need. I have my little photobook that I came with and I have been putting in more pictures and showing it to the members and they say that my family is just adorable. I have to agree!!

There has been so much rain here this last little bit. We have been wearing pure rain pants and rain gear for almost a week straight. I have almost 2 pairs of socks on and I feel like when I was little and went on early morning hunting trips with Dad and froze my little feet off ha! The gloves I got are just lovely and perfefct haha! 

More than everything I am so grateful for all of your support that you have all given me and your prayers. I honestly do feel like I am getting dumber with my English. Is that even a word? Dumber?? ha Well the Spanish is just great and I hardly speak English. That is why it is so hard for me to write lots in English ha! 

Well this week is a little short because my companion wants to leave and go eat so I will have to write more next week. I love you all!!!

Love Elder York

Note: Three more pictures - wahoo! Another positive, he told us in our other email that he received the other package with the other shoe, pants, etc. All the prayers helped!

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