Monday, August 26, 2013

Greatest Family and Friends Ever!

I am so grateful to have all of you as friends and family. 

So first off I have two great and grand things..

1. I can now write whoever I want in emails! No more restrictions to two no more. 

2. I am expecting a son. In the mission when you are going to train a new missionary he is called your son. SO here in the mission I am a father. This wednesday I am headed into Osorno to go pick up Elder Holt from Lehi Utah. This is going to be so awesome!!! 

This week has been awesome!! We had a baptism and that just made the sector explode and the members are just loving us and killing us with food and shirts and so many things haha. I am so grateful to be able to stay here for 3 more months secure. 

Hey so this September is the independence of Chile. The 18 of Sep is just like our 4th of july so I know a Sister Missionary who is in Texas who has a mission President who is Chileno. You should throw him a surprise party!!

My mind is everywhere right now so sorry the email is a little crazy. 

This week there has been so much.. Cold, snow, and well surprises!! I love being a missionary. The Church is true! 

I love you all!

Elder York

Monday, August 19, 2013

1st baptism in 3 years!

Well here in Juan Soler 2 in Castro Chiloé we had a miracle. The very first baptism in Juan Soler 2 in 3 years! The Missionaries in Juan Soler 1 baptize regularly so our sector President is thinking about shutting it down but hey! Baptism! We are so excited for the chance that we had to help our Brother José B. to be baptized and to be able to make these life saving covenants. 

This week has been a very interesting week and we have been working pretty hard. The members here are so great and are helping us with whatever thing that we need. I have my little photobook that I came with and I have been putting in more pictures and showing it to the members and they say that my family is just adorable. I have to agree!!

There has been so much rain here this last little bit. We have been wearing pure rain pants and rain gear for almost a week straight. I have almost 2 pairs of socks on and I feel like when I was little and went on early morning hunting trips with Dad and froze my little feet off ha! The gloves I got are just lovely and perfefct haha! 

More than everything I am so grateful for all of your support that you have all given me and your prayers. I honestly do feel like I am getting dumber with my English. Is that even a word? Dumber?? ha Well the Spanish is just great and I hardly speak English. That is why it is so hard for me to write lots in English ha! 

Well this week is a little short because my companion wants to leave and go eat so I will have to write more next week. I love you all!!!

Love Elder York

Note: Three more pictures - wahoo! Another positive, he told us in our other email that he received the other package with the other shoe, pants, etc. All the prayers helped!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Pizza whaa??‏

This photo I use with all of my investigators and it is just the best!!! by Del Parsons

So this week we had zone conference in Puerto Montt. Which is like 4 hours away ha. We left our lovely little island at 9 in the morning to get there a little bit after 1. We went to the mall which is bigger than any mall in Utah that I have seen. Puerto Montt is one of the biggest cities in Chile ha. The church has more members in Puerto Montt than in Osorno. So in the mall we had PIZZA HUT!! There was also mcdondalds but we as missionaries are poor and hamburgers there are like 3 mil!! 6 dollars!! No gracias! 

I wish I could say that this week has been peaceful ha but we have been running around from appointment to appointment. This sector hasn´t had a baptism in 3 years.... That means a caleta de misioneros!! Lots of missionaries!! But THIS SATURDAY WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A BAPTISM!!!! 

Life is only harder if you make it harder. I kinda had a slap to the face moment. One day in the morning I woke up and just had negative thoughts. My knee was hurting, I have another problem.. I was tired because I couldn´t sleep, and just a mountain of negative thoughts. Then a scripture came to my mind. 1 Corinthians 13:11 When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

Yeah I realized that in that moment I was acting like a child and just focusing on my problems. The mornings for me are a little tough to get going. We are suppossed to get up at 7 but I almost always put it off until 7;05. I push the snooze button but tomorrow I will be up at 7 haha. 

This week we had splits. I went with two members who are both dumb of speech and one can´t hear at all. What an experience!! I told them and explained to them that if they felt anything to tell me and we would pass by the house they felt. One of them pointed at every other house and no one answered the door. The other one, who can´t speak or hear pointed at one house on top of a hill. We hiked the hill and found a lady who was super excited to talk to us and we set an appointment to come back. 

We have just had a great week and I feel like my spanish is getting so much better. I feel like I am getting dumber haha. All I have had is latino companions so it is pure spanish and whenever I talk or write in English there are a ton of mistakes haha. I think in spanish and I can only think the words that I know so I feel a little less inteligente haha. But well that´s how the cookie crumbles and puede ser peor. Life is good, the church is true, and this ELder is working his shoes off his feet. Speaking of that I got one package with one shoe, waiting on the other but right now the post office here in Chiloe is on strike because they want more money ha. Patience is key. 

My new favorite picture of Jesus Christ.

Elder York

Monday, August 5, 2013

Could be worse!!‏

Elder York on the island of Chiloé.

     I don´t know if I have ever had a week like this in my entire life ha! Lots of good but bad as well. My knee has been having a fit but is healing little by little. 
     I have fallen in love with Chile. It is my home for now and I am taking advantage of it. The people here are so awesome and loving!

     Our investigator came to church! They have to come 3 times and have recieved all of the lessons and be keeping their commitments before they can be baptized and he is doing it!! I am so excited for him to make this step towards our Heavenly Father. 

     I have had so many people try to bible bash with me this week. My trainer lived off bashing. I do not like it for a bit. I know so many scriptures to bash with people and pursuade them that their church is missing things and ours is the Church of Christ but that´s not why I am here. I am here to Invite people to come unto Christ, which means they have to feel the spirit to take an action. Which means I have to have the Spirit by being obedient, and worthy. I can feel the Spirit in my life in so many ways now that I never realized before. 

     The branch here is huge. It would be a ward but the other branches around here are a lot smaller. We have an actual church building and when I first saw it I thought it was a temple haha. The members here are just awesome and so loving. This week we had Splits and I went with the Papito, husband of the mamita of the other Elders in our branch. It went super awesome and he has such a good spirit. He is a new convert of 1 year and I know I knew him before. He is just awesome! We hit it off the first day we met. He bore his testimony this sunday and said, ``I am grateful to have my brother York here with me.`` Juan Rain 

     Well work hard, love everyone, and laugh a lot!!

With all the love I can muster,

Elder York

We get so few pictures of Elder York, we found this on the mission website and thought we'd add it. Elder York (back row, center) at a zone conference for the Osorno, Rahue and La Union Zones, February 2013.