Monday, July 29, 2013

Elder New York

Elder York in downtown Castro. The island of Chiloé has many beautiful churches. This one is called the Church of San Francisco and is the main Catholic church of Chiloé's capital, Castro. The church is also known as the Iglesia Apóstol Santiago (St James Church). It took two years to build (1910 – 1912) and was originally constructed using no nails, just wood. The building is a reconstruction of the original from 1567 (the same year Castro was founded).

Well I am very new here so everyone just calls me Hermano o Elder New York.

This week the weather has changed! It is now colder ha! Well life is just awesome as a missionary right now and I am not complaining about a thing. Maybe a little that my family and friends aren´t here to enjoy it and freeze with me. I am literally having the time of my life as a missionary. It is the hardest work I have EVER done but it is the most rewarding. We are working all day and the only time I can step back and think is when it is Pday. I still feel like a super greenie but I am a normal missionary now and the time just keeps going faster. I feel like it was just last week I was going on dates with Courtenae, throwing Javelin with Sean and teasing Maddie. Time really is flying and I am doing all I can to enjoy and do my best with it. 

This week we had the AP´s come out and have an intercambio with us. Elder Kraft and I had the blessing of having Elder Balbuena from Mexico with us. At the end of the intercambio I asked all of the ELders AP´s LZ´s and LD and other Elders to give me a blessing of health. Here in Chiloé it is pure straight up and down hills. My knee just had about had enough.. They gave me a blessing and well I have been working since. Missionary Blessings. 

So the sector that I am in hasn´t had a baptism in 3 years! We are going to have one hopefullly this 17 de augusto. Please pray us and that the baptism for José B. will go through. He is so awesome and is 80 with a 13 year old kid. An Abraham of our time ha. He wants to be baptized and is super great. 

More than anything I am doing great, I am somewhat healthy and I am obedient. I miss you all lots but I can wait. I´ve got my priorities all in one basket right now. This Gospel is true and it changes lives. I testify of that. We have the Fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that we are trying to share with all of the world. The only way to know for yourself is by prayer. 

Ephesians 2:20

(Still can´t type because i have frostbite in my fingers haha)

Elder ALex York

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