Monday, July 22, 2013

Chilotè and lovin it.

Pday on monday, with Elder Kraft who was in my last district and wrote in my last book we would be companions in the future. It was awesome! He is awesome and he is from Uruguay. I love being a missionary. 

Well this guy is in Chiloè and he is a Chilotè. The island that I am on is actually pretty big. It is the farthest sector south that there is other than Coyahique and Punta Arenas. I am in the part of Castro. This is the biggest part and well it is super bakan. I am in a branch that has about 80 coming to church every week. Yesterday we had 90 but we are still a branch because the District that we are in has only small branches. Go figure. There are 4 missionaries in the branch and 2 are the zone leaders. Well this sector has a couple HUGE problems.
1. The members are racist against gringos...
2. We haven´t had a baptism in the sector where I am in 3 years...
3. There are like 20 Rms in the ward and half are menos activo. 
4. My grandpa, (Trainer of my trainer) was here in this sector and that is why they are racist. He was zone leader here and he recieved instruction from President Rappleye to stop ``Giving juice``. Or as to say the others elders in the same sector where I am now were in the houses of the members all day long wasting time. That is giving juice. Telling stories and what not. 

I am doing all i can to stop the racism and the juice giving. Elder Kraft and I haven`t done it at all and him and I have the same goals to stop it. He was against it in the beginning with the companion who was doing it before I got here. We are passing by all the members and sharing something with them so they don´t think we are abandoning them and so that I can win them over. 

The sector where I am is antartica! It is so cold here and there is a stove in the ciber where I am and it is so hard to type because my fingers are frozen so forgive my errors. Where I am it rains all the time and there is ice everywhere and moss and every road is a hill. Imagine this, two missionaries walking in the rain sliding down the hill because they can´t make it back to their house haha. Seriously!! I want to do like a penguin slide down the road haha. But there is no snow. Just ice and moss and rain. 

We have a mamita!! Yay! She lives in the house right in front of us and she makes us the best food. Everythng has potatoes. The other day she made us halibut and mashed potatoes.. Heaven. I called her rich because in alaska the halibut is 20 dollars a pound and here it is like 3 haha. It was great! 

I love you all and look forward to hear from you all even though it is so hard to write you back. I will try my hardest. 

Elder York

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