Saturday, July 6, 2013

A week of interesting things....

Well this week E`Kastner and I have been tearing it up and working so hard. We are pretty proud to be calling this one of my last weeks in the sector. I am so so excited and but sad because I will be leaving the Sector. We have been being obedient and happy! That´s the key! Also either we are killing it and working so hard or my knee just doesn´t like me. The same knee that was hurting in the MTC has been hurting again but today I bought a knee brace and shoe insoles. I am wearing the brace and life is so much better and I don´t feel very much. 

I have learned that things here are actually expensive.. When it says $1.000 that doesn´t mean one dollar ha. It means that it is two dollars ha. The money here has a double sentido. It is like 1 dollar is .500 pesos. So basically a shirt that is 15.000 is not 15.00 but it is 30.00 I have made the change awhile ago but it is just so funny to see things and wish they were that in dollars haha. 

I just got done playing basketball for the first time in almost 6 months and I just loved it! I stuffed our AP (Assistant to President) 2 times and he is playing college ball and was all state for Arizona. Just a great moment for me and he just hugged me and tackled me to the ground haha. 

I only have a little bit more time in good ol Entre Lagos. Next week is cambios (Transfers) and I will know if I am leaving for a new sector or what I will do. But I am excited either way. I have seen so many miracles and the sector is growing so so much. I have found people that we hit it off as really good friends from the first day. I KNOW that I knew them in the Pre-earth life. I love this sector so much and everyone in it. There will be tears shed when I leave. From me mainly! 

I want to thank all of you for your love and support and for all you have done for me. I am sorry that I have been slacking in my letter writing but I promise to try and make more time. We only have 8 hours on Pday and we have to buy food, write, clean the house, sew pants and shirts that have problems and almost every week we do service. So I am trying to make more time but time will only tell. 

I love you all so much and miss you all a ton!!

Work is going to fix what don´t work anymore.

Elder York

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