Monday, July 29, 2013

Elder New York

Elder York in downtown Castro. The island of Chiloé has many beautiful churches. This one is called the Church of San Francisco and is the main Catholic church of Chiloé's capital, Castro. The church is also known as the Iglesia Apóstol Santiago (St James Church). It took two years to build (1910 – 1912) and was originally constructed using no nails, just wood. The building is a reconstruction of the original from 1567 (the same year Castro was founded).

Well I am very new here so everyone just calls me Hermano o Elder New York.

This week the weather has changed! It is now colder ha! Well life is just awesome as a missionary right now and I am not complaining about a thing. Maybe a little that my family and friends aren´t here to enjoy it and freeze with me. I am literally having the time of my life as a missionary. It is the hardest work I have EVER done but it is the most rewarding. We are working all day and the only time I can step back and think is when it is Pday. I still feel like a super greenie but I am a normal missionary now and the time just keeps going faster. I feel like it was just last week I was going on dates with Courtenae, throwing Javelin with Sean and teasing Maddie. Time really is flying and I am doing all I can to enjoy and do my best with it. 

This week we had the AP´s come out and have an intercambio with us. Elder Kraft and I had the blessing of having Elder Balbuena from Mexico with us. At the end of the intercambio I asked all of the ELders AP´s LZ´s and LD and other Elders to give me a blessing of health. Here in Chiloé it is pure straight up and down hills. My knee just had about had enough.. They gave me a blessing and well I have been working since. Missionary Blessings. 

So the sector that I am in hasn´t had a baptism in 3 years! We are going to have one hopefullly this 17 de augusto. Please pray us and that the baptism for José B. will go through. He is so awesome and is 80 with a 13 year old kid. An Abraham of our time ha. He wants to be baptized and is super great. 

More than anything I am doing great, I am somewhat healthy and I am obedient. I miss you all lots but I can wait. I´ve got my priorities all in one basket right now. This Gospel is true and it changes lives. I testify of that. We have the Fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that we are trying to share with all of the world. The only way to know for yourself is by prayer. 

Ephesians 2:20

(Still can´t type because i have frostbite in my fingers haha)

Elder ALex York

Monday, July 22, 2013

Chilotè and lovin it.

Pday on monday, with Elder Kraft who was in my last district and wrote in my last book we would be companions in the future. It was awesome! He is awesome and he is from Uruguay. I love being a missionary. 

Well this guy is in Chiloè and he is a Chilotè. The island that I am on is actually pretty big. It is the farthest sector south that there is other than Coyahique and Punta Arenas. I am in the part of Castro. This is the biggest part and well it is super bakan. I am in a branch that has about 80 coming to church every week. Yesterday we had 90 but we are still a branch because the District that we are in has only small branches. Go figure. There are 4 missionaries in the branch and 2 are the zone leaders. Well this sector has a couple HUGE problems.
1. The members are racist against gringos...
2. We haven´t had a baptism in the sector where I am in 3 years...
3. There are like 20 Rms in the ward and half are menos activo. 
4. My grandpa, (Trainer of my trainer) was here in this sector and that is why they are racist. He was zone leader here and he recieved instruction from President Rappleye to stop ``Giving juice``. Or as to say the others elders in the same sector where I am now were in the houses of the members all day long wasting time. That is giving juice. Telling stories and what not. 

I am doing all i can to stop the racism and the juice giving. Elder Kraft and I haven`t done it at all and him and I have the same goals to stop it. He was against it in the beginning with the companion who was doing it before I got here. We are passing by all the members and sharing something with them so they don´t think we are abandoning them and so that I can win them over. 

The sector where I am is antartica! It is so cold here and there is a stove in the ciber where I am and it is so hard to type because my fingers are frozen so forgive my errors. Where I am it rains all the time and there is ice everywhere and moss and every road is a hill. Imagine this, two missionaries walking in the rain sliding down the hill because they can´t make it back to their house haha. Seriously!! I want to do like a penguin slide down the road haha. But there is no snow. Just ice and moss and rain. 

We have a mamita!! Yay! She lives in the house right in front of us and she makes us the best food. Everythng has potatoes. The other day she made us halibut and mashed potatoes.. Heaven. I called her rich because in alaska the halibut is 20 dollars a pound and here it is like 3 haha. It was great! 

I love you all and look forward to hear from you all even though it is so hard to write you back. I will try my hardest. 

Elder York

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Elder York... You are off to the island of Chiloè!‏

     Well as the title says, I received a call from President Rappleye today when we were in Osorno chilling at the "Mall" (Just like our walmart.....) and he said I'm off to the island more south. More south, more rain, more cold and the more expensive things are.. So today I am making some last minute purchases on things that I am going to need. It is half way through the month and I am already out of money.. I have learned to live off of what I have and I am doing pretty good ha. Philmont [New Mexico] prepared me to come here!! 

     The reason I am a little broke is because we have more than 5 families who are starving here... One of them has two little boys who were eating juice mix... I bought a giant sack of potatoes that was 20$ and we are going to put them in a bag, divided out and knock and run. It breaks my heart to see the people here who have nothing and here I am with a full house of food. I don´t care if I starve because seeing that makes me so sick. I can´t even walk into our house and just want to cry because I have so much. I literally have nothing and the people here have less than I do. I am trying to give my all to the people. 

     I am loving with all of my heart being a missionary. I love being able to work to bring people to our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ. My purpose is to invite people to come unto Christ. I have no right to teach people the lessons and leave it at that. My job, The job of every missionary is to teach by the Holy Ghost. If a missionary teaches with the Holy Ghost, the people will feel the desire to bring themselves to Christ. Alma 26:12. That scripture is helping me to strive to always be humble. Whether it is humble from hunger, spiritual, or physical I am striving for it. The Lord has physically humbled me with the past problems with my ankle and knee and now the other two the Lord is helping me with. I love being a missionary.

     A little more about my new sector. I am headed to Chiloè which is an island. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions and has hundreds of "Famous", old churches. I will be in the same branch as the zone leaders and there will be more than six people coming to church. I am excited to help with the Lord´s work here in Chile. The truth is I will go wherever the Lord wants me to go. Here I am and there I will go. I trust the Lord with all of my heart and I have come so close to him in my every day life. I can´t imagine life without having been a missionary. It has changed me.

I love you all so much and am so grateful for all that you do for me. I love you all so much and I can´t wait to see you. When life gets hard for you, remember that there is an Elder In Chile who is giving his all and is praying for you. The Lord will bless you.

The success of a missionary isn´t measured by how many baptisms he had, or what leadership position he had. The true measure of success is who he became. I have seen lives of so many people change here and en verdad, (the truth) I feel as if I am a new man. I love this work with all of my heart and am giving it my absolute all. I love you and pray for you. 

Elder York

Saturday, July 6, 2013

A week of interesting things....

Well this week E`Kastner and I have been tearing it up and working so hard. We are pretty proud to be calling this one of my last weeks in the sector. I am so so excited and but sad because I will be leaving the Sector. We have been being obedient and happy! That´s the key! Also either we are killing it and working so hard or my knee just doesn´t like me. The same knee that was hurting in the MTC has been hurting again but today I bought a knee brace and shoe insoles. I am wearing the brace and life is so much better and I don´t feel very much. 

I have learned that things here are actually expensive.. When it says $1.000 that doesn´t mean one dollar ha. It means that it is two dollars ha. The money here has a double sentido. It is like 1 dollar is .500 pesos. So basically a shirt that is 15.000 is not 15.00 but it is 30.00 I have made the change awhile ago but it is just so funny to see things and wish they were that in dollars haha. 

I just got done playing basketball for the first time in almost 6 months and I just loved it! I stuffed our AP (Assistant to President) 2 times and he is playing college ball and was all state for Arizona. Just a great moment for me and he just hugged me and tackled me to the ground haha. 

I only have a little bit more time in good ol Entre Lagos. Next week is cambios (Transfers) and I will know if I am leaving for a new sector or what I will do. But I am excited either way. I have seen so many miracles and the sector is growing so so much. I have found people that we hit it off as really good friends from the first day. I KNOW that I knew them in the Pre-earth life. I love this sector so much and everyone in it. There will be tears shed when I leave. From me mainly! 

I want to thank all of you for your love and support and for all you have done for me. I am sorry that I have been slacking in my letter writing but I promise to try and make more time. We only have 8 hours on Pday and we have to buy food, write, clean the house, sew pants and shirts that have problems and almost every week we do service. So I am trying to make more time but time will only tell. 

I love you all so much and miss you all a ton!!

Work is going to fix what don´t work anymore.

Elder York