Saturday, June 15, 2013

What a week!

Well my wonderful friends and family. I hope and pray that you all have been so blessed because I am praying for you all. This week has been just so interesting. I have been just loving life with my new companion and we are getting along just like Tom and Jerry. Ha just kidding we were instant best friends! It is just such a wonderful feeling to be with someone who supports you cien por ciento. (100%) His name is Elder Kastner and he is from Napa California. He just recently had a problem with his feet and was going to go home but now he is here with me so I am doing my absolute best to not pamper him, but bless him and help him. He has very high arches in his feet and he has tendonitis because of his high arches. It hurts him to walk a lot but he is doing it so well. It has been a hard little bit for him because of the pain and then on top of that he got the Gringo sickness from the water and is just starting to recover. I feel so blessed to be with him. His Mom was member inactive her whole life and his Dad is a convert. He is the first of his family just like me! My family is 1 year behind his! I am 19 he is 20 his brother is 18 and Sean is 17, He has a sister 16 and Maddie is 15 ha. He has become literally an instant best friend and is just super great. 

So this week it hasn´t rained at all but it has just been cold. Today it started raining a little bit so we brought our rain gear to Osorno, (1 hour away) and now it is the first warm day with sun in over 2 months! Ha go figure! Well as I mentioned, we came into Osorno today (Which is like for us to go into Salt Lake, but 10x bigger) and I finally ate a hamburger and skittles today! I paid 4$ for one bag of skittles ha! But it was so worth it. 6 months without American candy... Haha those lucky in state missionaries! We met up with two other missionaries in our district and ate together and hung out a little bit. We wanted to go bowling and no one believed me that I really bowled a 299! I need picture proof in an email or something haha! 

On a more spiritual note, I am doing just so wonderful. I love life here as a missionary so much. We are working so hard and giving it our all. I honestly feel that I have grown so much just being here. I am slowly but surely gaining the gift of tongues. I bought a book called `Chileanismos`. It has the secret slang that people say to us. Life overall is just great. I want to thank all of you so much. I just love every one of you who is reading this. I love this gospel with all of my heart and am becoming the 4th missionary. This. Gospel. Changes. Lives!

Elder York

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