Saturday, June 8, 2013

And there was a transfer in Chile.

Well my wonderful friends and family, I have had a change in the last couple of days. Well I have a new companion and not to say that I am happier but, well he is just the coolest guy in the world! I am so excited to be his companion and learn so much. Well I am still here in Entre Lagos and just loving life!

My companion is from California and he has 1 year in the mission. He is the District leader for our district and well he has really helped me a ton! He is such a hard worker and I couldn´t have had a better comp. 

So this week we started fall... I wanted to cry when I heard that. We are just starting what I said?! It was -15 today in the morning and we aren´t even to winter yet?! Wow how do you say cold? Seriously ha. Well I am doing good with it all and it doesn´t affect me too much. At first it was pretty cold but I am getting used to it. Today there was ice on about everything so it was really cool to see. My poor companion came from up north and he has only been north his whole mission and doesn´t have anything. I helped him out with that. 

Today we are going to go fishing! It reminds me of Alaska but I´m sure it will be lots colder. I´ll send photos next week. This week sounds really awesome in the states. Warm, sun, playing, Etc.. Remember Elder York freezing with the Penguins while you are complaining it is hot haha. I can´t imagine how Hermana Nielson feels in Texas. I´m sure it is a lot hotter there too. Send me some sun? Perfect ha. 

So right now I have two callings in the branch. I am the branch Secretary here and I am in charge of all basically. It is pretty stressful at times but it is cool to see how the Church works and how I can help. I am just loving it! 

It really is a new start here in Entre Lagos and well I know it will be just awesome. I can´t stop smiling because I am just so happy! Seriously it was not very fun at all with my other companion. My new comp is exactly obedient and we are working even harder than before and we are just loving the mission and having just the time of our lives and having success already. 

We have been trying something called door lessons. We teach them in their door and if it goes really good we challenge them to be baptized and so far we have two that have accepted! It is just so wonderful right now. Thank you all so much for all of your prayers! I am so grateful for all of you and don´t know where I would be without everyone who is reading this email. Thank you, seriously. 

Thank you all for everything. I am so grateful! Love you!

Elder York
Elder Kastner and Elder York

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