Saturday, June 29, 2013

Corner off the man card...

Well first off to explain the title... I got a pedicure..... About two weeks ago I had an ingrown toenail and I cut it out and well it was no big deal. About a week later I started feeling a lot of pain in my big toe. I looked at it and tried to fix it and what not and after a couple of days it was even worse.. So I talked with Hermana Rappleye (Wife of Mission President) and she told me to call a podologo (Foot doctor) in La Únion who was a member of the Church. I called him and he told me to come up and he would take a look. We got our permission to leave our sector and traveled for two hours to where he lived. He looked at it and said "Quien eres el tonto que sacó este uña?!" (Who is the dummy who tried to take out the toenail?!) I smiled and no words were needed because he understood ha. We laughed a little and then the pain started.. He cut all the way down to the root of the big toenail and pulled out a huge "uña encarnada" (Ingrown toenail). It was the number two most pain I have ever felt in my life. Number one being tearing the ligaments in my ankle in the MTC. I thanked him and he told me it was free. Normally it is a $30.000 mil peso charge ($60.00 Dollars) Then he cut all of my nails, used a machine thing and cleaned the caluses off of my feet and gave me a foot massage. Needless to say that I have a slight fear of needles and knives when touching my skin I also have a fear of people touching my feet. Can you say super awkward?? I will never cut my toenails bad again, ever. 

This week we have been tearing it up and we had an awesome week. We had 4 investigators in the Church and it was just such a wonderful day. Despite the fact I was sick and what not but oh well ha... It could be worse! Elder Kastner is such a great companion and we are getting along super well and we are being so obedient. I feel so many more blessings in my life. 

I am a little sad because I think the next transfer I will be leaving here from Entre Lagos... I will have had 6 whole months here and well I have treasured every minute and I have found people who I knew in the past life.. I seriously have and even the thought of leaving is sad. But I will go where the Lord wants me to go. To the farthest ends of the world (Literally) or high in the mountains or deserts or seas. I know this Gospel is true and I am a disciple of Christ. 3 Nephi 5:13

I have been starting something new and saying this always. "Puede ser peor" (Could be worse) I am trying to be an optimist and always looking for the good and not letting anything get me down. Even when I am soaking wet, my knee hurts and we have had 3 doors slammed in our face. I know this work is true and I am called of Christ to bring people the same blessings I have and to bring them to Christ so that they may have Eternal Life.

Puede ser Peor.

Elder York

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Start of winter or summer??‏

I have been wondering what is this summer thing that you all are talking about?? I wish I knew haha! Well I am most definitely still loving it here even though I am freezing my legs off! The cure for being cold is work harder. I don't think I have ever been this focused on something before. 

This last week has just passed by like a blur! I have been running around all week and yesterday we had a record day. We had 6 lessons taught, 2 were with a member, 3 with investigators, and one with my new convert Hno. Hector (Who I baptized). We invited 4 people to be baptized and two accepted and two said no. Well the two who said yes are so excited to actually come to church with us. So so rare here. No one ever wants to come to Church. 

This sunday our branch presidency won´t be there so Elder Kastner and I will be in charge of everything and I am giving a talk haha. I have been so busy as the Branch Secretary and every day I am talking with the leaders of Osorno like stake presidents and District presidents and always calling and receiving calls. 

A missionary who doesn´t work with all their heart, might, mind and strength, is a missionary who is missing out in the greatest blessing of them all. I love this work so so much! I´m trying my best to give it my all. There is a talk called the 4th missionary by Lawrence Corbridge that is super awesome that I am trying to be. I am striving daily to be the 4th missionary. 

So Saturday night... I started feeling pretty sick and all of my body starting hurting really bad. We went back to the house and I went straight to bed. I woke up numerous times in the night because I was, well, sick ha. I was in bed until tuesday. We went to church for sacrament meeting and then left because I was feeling even worse. After 3 good days of being in bed all day I got better and well I recovered 120%! I had the flu and well it hit me pretty hard haha. 

Yesterday WE HAD A MEETING. Our zone leaders had a meeting of leaders in Osorno and they recieved some instruction that our zone needs to go and visit the members of the bishopbric and share something with them. They called us in the morning yesterday and told us to do just that. SO we passed by Hermano Santana and Hermana Santana to visit them. He is the Patriarch of the mission and the 1st counsler in the branch presidency. We had no clue why but we went anyway. We started talking with them and just talked and everything seemed normal. But I knew that this was a revelation for someone and I wasn´t going to sit around and just wait for it to happen, so I asked if we could share something and I felt impressed to teach them the Plan of Salvation and help build up their faith. We taught it and when we were teaching, they both started crying a lot. The spirit was so strong and they, then choking on tears told us that their granddaughter who has cancer for more than a year now is going to die tomorrow (today saturday). She is sealed in the temple and has 3 young kids. I must admit I cried a little with them and it was a powerful bonding experience. We finished the lesson and then we said a prayer on our knees and afterwards they told us that they feel pure peace and that the worry and sadness left them and they feel joy.
They had no clue we were coming over and in the end because we were obedient and because we listened to the revelation that we recieved, we were able to help them. I am not taking even the slightest of credit. That was all the Lord working through me. Just like missionary work should be. 

This has been my week and it has been pretty super quick and full of the mercies of the Lord. 

1 Nephi 1:20  "... the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverence." 

Work hard, be obedient, and strive to always become more like the Savior and you will be blessed. Surround yourself with greatness!

     Elder Alex York

Saturday, June 15, 2013

What a week!

Well my wonderful friends and family. I hope and pray that you all have been so blessed because I am praying for you all. This week has been just so interesting. I have been just loving life with my new companion and we are getting along just like Tom and Jerry. Ha just kidding we were instant best friends! It is just such a wonderful feeling to be with someone who supports you cien por ciento. (100%) His name is Elder Kastner and he is from Napa California. He just recently had a problem with his feet and was going to go home but now he is here with me so I am doing my absolute best to not pamper him, but bless him and help him. He has very high arches in his feet and he has tendonitis because of his high arches. It hurts him to walk a lot but he is doing it so well. It has been a hard little bit for him because of the pain and then on top of that he got the Gringo sickness from the water and is just starting to recover. I feel so blessed to be with him. His Mom was member inactive her whole life and his Dad is a convert. He is the first of his family just like me! My family is 1 year behind his! I am 19 he is 20 his brother is 18 and Sean is 17, He has a sister 16 and Maddie is 15 ha. He has become literally an instant best friend and is just super great. 

So this week it hasn´t rained at all but it has just been cold. Today it started raining a little bit so we brought our rain gear to Osorno, (1 hour away) and now it is the first warm day with sun in over 2 months! Ha go figure! Well as I mentioned, we came into Osorno today (Which is like for us to go into Salt Lake, but 10x bigger) and I finally ate a hamburger and skittles today! I paid 4$ for one bag of skittles ha! But it was so worth it. 6 months without American candy... Haha those lucky in state missionaries! We met up with two other missionaries in our district and ate together and hung out a little bit. We wanted to go bowling and no one believed me that I really bowled a 299! I need picture proof in an email or something haha! 

On a more spiritual note, I am doing just so wonderful. I love life here as a missionary so much. We are working so hard and giving it our all. I honestly feel that I have grown so much just being here. I am slowly but surely gaining the gift of tongues. I bought a book called `Chileanismos`. It has the secret slang that people say to us. Life overall is just great. I want to thank all of you so much. I just love every one of you who is reading this. I love this gospel with all of my heart and am becoming the 4th missionary. This. Gospel. Changes. Lives!

Elder York

Saturday, June 8, 2013

And there was a transfer in Chile.

Well my wonderful friends and family, I have had a change in the last couple of days. Well I have a new companion and not to say that I am happier but, well he is just the coolest guy in the world! I am so excited to be his companion and learn so much. Well I am still here in Entre Lagos and just loving life!

My companion is from California and he has 1 year in the mission. He is the District leader for our district and well he has really helped me a ton! He is such a hard worker and I couldn´t have had a better comp. 

So this week we started fall... I wanted to cry when I heard that. We are just starting what I said?! It was -15 today in the morning and we aren´t even to winter yet?! Wow how do you say cold? Seriously ha. Well I am doing good with it all and it doesn´t affect me too much. At first it was pretty cold but I am getting used to it. Today there was ice on about everything so it was really cool to see. My poor companion came from up north and he has only been north his whole mission and doesn´t have anything. I helped him out with that. 

Today we are going to go fishing! It reminds me of Alaska but I´m sure it will be lots colder. I´ll send photos next week. This week sounds really awesome in the states. Warm, sun, playing, Etc.. Remember Elder York freezing with the Penguins while you are complaining it is hot haha. I can´t imagine how Hermana Nielson feels in Texas. I´m sure it is a lot hotter there too. Send me some sun? Perfect ha. 

So right now I have two callings in the branch. I am the branch Secretary here and I am in charge of all basically. It is pretty stressful at times but it is cool to see how the Church works and how I can help. I am just loving it! 

It really is a new start here in Entre Lagos and well I know it will be just awesome. I can´t stop smiling because I am just so happy! Seriously it was not very fun at all with my other companion. My new comp is exactly obedient and we are working even harder than before and we are just loving the mission and having just the time of our lives and having success already. 

We have been trying something called door lessons. We teach them in their door and if it goes really good we challenge them to be baptized and so far we have two that have accepted! It is just so wonderful right now. Thank you all so much for all of your prayers! I am so grateful for all of you and don´t know where I would be without everyone who is reading this email. Thank you, seriously. 

Thank you all for everything. I am so grateful! Love you!

Elder York
Elder Kastner and Elder York

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer!? What is summer?‏

     In every email I get everyone is talking about how they are enjoying summer and how hot it is and they are just loving it. Well... I wish I could say the same haha. Here it is at average -5 to 10 every day. We have a thermostat that tells us and the members are always saying it ha. Life is definitely not a bowl of trix here! It is more like a gallon of ice cream with more ice on top and a little bit of rain haha. I am so grateful to have my rain gear from Alaska that is keeping me dry and a little warm. All of the missionaries here bought the rain gear from the mission but me. I feel bad for all of the other Elders on rainy days because it is so much easier to have a positive attitude when you are dry and warm. It has been raining for 6 days straight and there is slush falling from the sky but there is no snow. We have some pretty crazy wind here that I have never seen in my life. I have seen lots of wind before but this is just incredible. It's like in the Testaments haha. But in the end is very different because it starts all over again ha. I am grateful for all of your prayers for me and I can feel your love for me and I really feel the warmth in my heart. I am so grateful for that! 

     So today we find out if we have transfers or not. I have a feeling that if I leave the sector of Entre Lagos, I will go more south. Where it is always below -5. I am honestly ready to have a new companion and to be able to be obedient, but it will be so much colder haha. I will be neighbors with the penguins if I go more south haha. Which we will because we have been together for 4 months. I am not super excited for the transfers because we have been together for awhile and we have more of a system. I only get to speak english one time a week when we are in Osorno for our District Meetings and before I was so excited to get to hear people talk in English and talk in English but I really feel that the language is almost a part of me. I love Spanish and I wish more than anything I could say that I am fluent but I am not. I can understand and talk about just anything. 

     My companion and I have had some really great times together but when you aren't obedient you don't have the Lords Promise. Needless to say he is not being obedient and this week I can tell the blessings we are lacking. Almost every day this week we are late coming back to the house and I stand up and put on my jacket and backpack and apologize to the investigator and tell them we need to leave because we have to be in the house before 10 at the latest and he starts a new conversation with them as I am standing at the door.. All I can do is do my best and pray that the Lord will still bless us to do his work.

     So the sisters here in our sector had a baptism last week but it fell through. Some of the friends of her told her lies about the Church and she panicked and cancelled. But the sisters here have answered all doubts and we think she will be baptized this next week. 
We have an activity today! It is called the Iron Rod and we are so excited. We are re enacting the Iron Rod and hopefully we have lots of people come. I will let you know of the success next week. 

    Well I love you all and I pray for every one of you. I want you all to know that the Bible is the word of God as is the Book of Mormon. I am a representitive of Jesus Christ and I will magnify his name and never do anything I know is wrong. Ever! I love this Church with all of my heart and I waited too long to know that it was true. All my life I just lived it. I didn't know it with all my heart until the beginning of my junior year. But now I can say with a full heart. I know it, I live it, and I love it! The church is true and the Prophet is the same as was the Prophets of Old. 

I love you all! 

Elder York