Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mission Life for Me

     Well my amado family and friends. I am so excited to write you today and to tell you a little bit more about the life of this once sad little gringo in a even littler town in Chile. Well he feels pretty good about life and he is speaking pretty good Spanish. I am able to talk with anyone about almost anything. The only thing that really gets me is the names of things that are different, but other than that I am really doing so much better. 

     So there is something that I have felt impressed to do and I am doing it. Here in Entre Lagos there are more poor people here than I would like and same with our Heavenly Father. Not just poor from the lack of the Gospel of Jesus Christ but phyisically too. So my companion and I are starting something new here in Entre Lagos. We are starting something that we in Estados Unidos know as the bishops storehouse. We are looking for and buying cheap clothes, jackets and shoes. We have only spent 10,000 Chilean pesos (20 dollars American) for so much clothing and 5 pairs of shoes. (My parents almost just had a heart attack when they read the 10 mil haha). We are also doing it with food too. We are buying our food every week normal but every week buy two or three things to add to the storehouse. The storehouse for us is a little different. This is for all of Entre Lagos. 

     Well I have good news and bad news. The good news is that clothing here is cheap and very durable. The bad news is that my clothes are flojo... (Bad) Every pair of my pants are ripping and the fabric is wearing away. Literally all of the loops that hold my belt are falling off... And my shoes from Mr. Mac are starting to break from the toe... The good news also is that I am doing fine and don´t need new clothes this instant. But the bad is that I am going to need to buy some... So just a warning... The white shirts and suitcases and boots ok - Everything else is bad... My suit pants are the worst so pray I won´t have to buy a new suit. 

     So this week we have one of our investigators named Pedro. He is the boyfriend of one of the members and he was going to be baptized this coming Saturday. But he has a couple problems that have come up so he can´t be, but he will be next month! The month of June is going to be so amazing! We have so many investigators who are going to be baptized in June. Almost 6!!! We are building the branch here for sure!!!

     State track is today and I am sure that Sean is going to do just awesome! I know it because well he is just that awesome. I wish I could be there but well I'm a little far away. 

     Mother's day was just awesome. It was so good to talk with you all and to see how much you are growing! I had a 3 second shock when I saw how big Sean is. Wow the boys after Maddie better be careful haha. I am so grateful for the chance to talk with you all and even more for your love and support. I am loving it here so much and I am working with all of my heart, might, mind and strength. I'm thinking I need to tone it down a little on the strength part because my pants and shoes can´t take it ;) Well Family and Friends I love you all and pray for every one of you daily. 

Elder York

It was awesome to Skype Elder York on Monday, May 13th. The picture was pretty blurry, but we didn't care. We got to talk with him for 45 minutes. It was neat to see him interacting with his landlady, her daughter and his companion in pretty fluent Spanish. 

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