Saturday, May 25, 2013

Exciting Week

     Well this has been just an interesting week. We have had more appointments with our investigators than ever these past two weeks. We´ve been pretty busy and working our hardest. We honestly are working the hardest and smartest we can. 

     This week we had a campanion exchange and our district leader (Elder Adams) came here and I went to Ovejeria (a little outside of Osorno). Which means that the two experienced missionaries were in the same place and Elder Dolinar and I were in the same place! We came here the same day and we aren´t really fresh gringos, but we are still newish gringos. We did awesome and there wasn´t a thing that we didn´t understand because we had the Spirit and had the gift of tongues and of understanding. It was one of my favorite moments in the mission. And it helps that the day we got there to have the companion exchange, I got three packages! One from and two from my wonderful family. Now I have a picture book to explain to our investigators who are hard of hearing and what not and Jesus the Christ. That book... Such a wonderful book. Along with the Great Apostasty. Both by a truly inspired man. James E. Talmage. 

     So our ¨Bishops Storehouse¨ Idea is going just great. When I said we were going to do it I didn´t explain it very well. So what we are doing is helping the people here in Entre Lagos who we know or hear of that are having financial problems and well.... Everyone here is poor... I am richer than most and I´m a Missionary! We are always careful not to look like we have anything and to follow all of the mission rules and be obedient. So we are taking the clothes and what not and we aren´t knocking on their door and making it a big deal. We are going to put them on the door step in a bag, knock and run like there are dogs haha. We don´t want any recognicion because well, It wasn´t our idea ha. It was the Holy Ghost. 

     It was so good to hear how good Sean and Maddie are doing! Sean took 5th in state?! That is crazy... I wish that I could have been there but well I know where I need to be. Maddie has her permit?... Haha she´ll do great! And her piano recital went great? She has a gift. That is so cool that you are doing geneology and finding our family. Well we need to do it to help them. We are literally fufilling the scripture in the Bible. ¨ turn the hearts of the children to their fathers¨. 

     Today we have a baptism in Osorno. Well the sisters here do but it just fell through. They just called us and told us that she has some doubts and isn´t going to go through with it. But the Sisters told us that they are going to talk with her and well hopefully it is well next week. When I started we had maybe one or two appointments fixed every day. Now we have about 6 or 7 and they are always across town and it is getting harder and harder. But above all we are doing our best and we know that if we work hard and always do things in the name of the Lord we will be blessed. 

     I know that this work is true and there are so many things that I wish I could write for you to know how I feel but I just don´t have the time. I have changed so much and I am a representative of Jesus Christ and I am doing everything in his name. I am obedient and most important. I am doing my best. 

 Elder York

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