Saturday, May 4, 2013

¿Crazy week?‏

Well this week has been absolutely crazy. It has been raining much worse than in Alaska and there has been crazy wind. We were talking with a member and they said that we aren't even into winter yet. In winter it is so much worse and no one leaves. They said the missionaries before us didn't even leave to work. Well good thing I am different than those others. I am going to always leave to work. There isn't anything that can stop me. 

Well this week I was sick on wednesday, My companion gave me a blessing and I was instantly better. So on tuesday I had a prompting to write President Rappleye a letter. I wrote him and expressed my feelings and told him how I was doing and what not. Well I got a response later on wednesday. We got a phone call from the Zone leaders and we had an intercambio. There is a line of authority basically. The President, Assistants to President, Zone leaders, district leaders and then me. When I have intercambios it is only with our district leader. An intercambio is a change of companion for a day. The zone leaders do them with the district leaders after they do it with us. So when a zone leader says that you have an intercambio with him it is almost normally never good. But for me it was good. We got to spend some time together and he and I worked and taught in his sector in Osorno. Afterwards he told me that President Rappleye has plans for me. I don't know if that is good or bad haha. But I am obedient and follow him so I have nothing to fear. 

I am loving it here so much. All of our investigators are so awesome. I am falling in love with the sector and the people. Oh speaking of which. Today, May 4th is the anniversary of Courtenae, Sister Nielson and I. For one year now we have been dating haha. Well Most of the time I have been in Alaska or Chile... Well after the mission there will be more time. But the sector is progressing and the town of Entre Lagos is growing rapidly. The people may be bad at times but I am always looking for the good things and well... I am finding them. 

Happy Birthday Maddie!! And Happy anniversary to my Dad and Mom!!! This has definItely been a crazy week with lots to do! This sunday I will be able to skype you for mother's day. Wow I have been gone forever!! I can't believe how short of time I have left!! But this sunday whenever you can I can. We will do it more in the evening. I will write more in my other Email to Sean.  

It is crazy to hear how things are changing in the ward and in Tooele. Everyone is going on a mission and getting married!! Wow! The ward sounds so peaceful and growing. I want to just give a hug to every member in our ward.. I miss my ward family. 

The food here is great. We eat, ready for a long list? Good! Chicken, Porotos, (Beans), potatoes, steak, lots of vegetables, fruits, completos (hotdogs with everything,) Tomatoes, soup, and lots of others I can't remember right now ha. 
Lots of bread, ají (very hot sauce).

Well today I am finally going to play basketball!! We are going with the boyfriend of one of the members. His name is Pedro and he is dating the Anita. He is one of our new investigators and he has a date of baptism for the 25 of may. He is about 35 and Anita is about the same. We are having a lot of good success right now and are doing so good. Now we are working a little more in unity and teaching more and more. I feel like I have recieved the gift of tongues now because I can understand and speak much better. 

Well family and friends I love you all and can't wait to hear from you all. It is a little difficult to write lots of letters but I am trying to do it. I love you all and hope you can picture this gringo loving it here in Chile! 

Elder York

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