Saturday, May 25, 2013

Exciting Week

     Well this has been just an interesting week. We have had more appointments with our investigators than ever these past two weeks. We´ve been pretty busy and working our hardest. We honestly are working the hardest and smartest we can. 

     This week we had a campanion exchange and our district leader (Elder Adams) came here and I went to Ovejeria (a little outside of Osorno). Which means that the two experienced missionaries were in the same place and Elder Dolinar and I were in the same place! We came here the same day and we aren´t really fresh gringos, but we are still newish gringos. We did awesome and there wasn´t a thing that we didn´t understand because we had the Spirit and had the gift of tongues and of understanding. It was one of my favorite moments in the mission. And it helps that the day we got there to have the companion exchange, I got three packages! One from and two from my wonderful family. Now I have a picture book to explain to our investigators who are hard of hearing and what not and Jesus the Christ. That book... Such a wonderful book. Along with the Great Apostasty. Both by a truly inspired man. James E. Talmage. 

     So our ¨Bishops Storehouse¨ Idea is going just great. When I said we were going to do it I didn´t explain it very well. So what we are doing is helping the people here in Entre Lagos who we know or hear of that are having financial problems and well.... Everyone here is poor... I am richer than most and I´m a Missionary! We are always careful not to look like we have anything and to follow all of the mission rules and be obedient. So we are taking the clothes and what not and we aren´t knocking on their door and making it a big deal. We are going to put them on the door step in a bag, knock and run like there are dogs haha. We don´t want any recognicion because well, It wasn´t our idea ha. It was the Holy Ghost. 

     It was so good to hear how good Sean and Maddie are doing! Sean took 5th in state?! That is crazy... I wish that I could have been there but well I know where I need to be. Maddie has her permit?... Haha she´ll do great! And her piano recital went great? She has a gift. That is so cool that you are doing geneology and finding our family. Well we need to do it to help them. We are literally fufilling the scripture in the Bible. ¨ turn the hearts of the children to their fathers¨. 

     Today we have a baptism in Osorno. Well the sisters here do but it just fell through. They just called us and told us that she has some doubts and isn´t going to go through with it. But the Sisters told us that they are going to talk with her and well hopefully it is well next week. When I started we had maybe one or two appointments fixed every day. Now we have about 6 or 7 and they are always across town and it is getting harder and harder. But above all we are doing our best and we know that if we work hard and always do things in the name of the Lord we will be blessed. 

     I know that this work is true and there are so many things that I wish I could write for you to know how I feel but I just don´t have the time. I have changed so much and I am a representative of Jesus Christ and I am doing everything in his name. I am obedient and most important. I am doing my best. 

 Elder York

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mission Life for Me

     Well my amado family and friends. I am so excited to write you today and to tell you a little bit more about the life of this once sad little gringo in a even littler town in Chile. Well he feels pretty good about life and he is speaking pretty good Spanish. I am able to talk with anyone about almost anything. The only thing that really gets me is the names of things that are different, but other than that I am really doing so much better. 

     So there is something that I have felt impressed to do and I am doing it. Here in Entre Lagos there are more poor people here than I would like and same with our Heavenly Father. Not just poor from the lack of the Gospel of Jesus Christ but phyisically too. So my companion and I are starting something new here in Entre Lagos. We are starting something that we in Estados Unidos know as the bishops storehouse. We are looking for and buying cheap clothes, jackets and shoes. We have only spent 10,000 Chilean pesos (20 dollars American) for so much clothing and 5 pairs of shoes. (My parents almost just had a heart attack when they read the 10 mil haha). We are also doing it with food too. We are buying our food every week normal but every week buy two or three things to add to the storehouse. The storehouse for us is a little different. This is for all of Entre Lagos. 

     Well I have good news and bad news. The good news is that clothing here is cheap and very durable. The bad news is that my clothes are flojo... (Bad) Every pair of my pants are ripping and the fabric is wearing away. Literally all of the loops that hold my belt are falling off... And my shoes from Mr. Mac are starting to break from the toe... The good news also is that I am doing fine and don´t need new clothes this instant. But the bad is that I am going to need to buy some... So just a warning... The white shirts and suitcases and boots ok - Everything else is bad... My suit pants are the worst so pray I won´t have to buy a new suit. 

     So this week we have one of our investigators named Pedro. He is the boyfriend of one of the members and he was going to be baptized this coming Saturday. But he has a couple problems that have come up so he can´t be, but he will be next month! The month of June is going to be so amazing! We have so many investigators who are going to be baptized in June. Almost 6!!! We are building the branch here for sure!!!

     State track is today and I am sure that Sean is going to do just awesome! I know it because well he is just that awesome. I wish I could be there but well I'm a little far away. 

     Mother's day was just awesome. It was so good to talk with you all and to see how much you are growing! I had a 3 second shock when I saw how big Sean is. Wow the boys after Maddie better be careful haha. I am so grateful for the chance to talk with you all and even more for your love and support. I am loving it here so much and I am working with all of my heart, might, mind and strength. I'm thinking I need to tone it down a little on the strength part because my pants and shoes can´t take it ;) Well Family and Friends I love you all and pray for every one of you daily. 

Elder York

It was awesome to Skype Elder York on Monday, May 13th. The picture was pretty blurry, but we didn't care. We got to talk with him for 45 minutes. It was neat to see him interacting with his landlady, her daughter and his companion in pretty fluent Spanish. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The start of winter and Mother's Day!!‏

Well first off it is really cold outside! The difference between here and in Utah is that it is humid and always raining with the cold. There isn´t too much snow where I am at normally and as of today there isn´t any. There is a ton of rain and I had to buy another pair of boots today because my others are so wet from every day. I thought it would be best if I switched them off every day to last longer. I am loving it here and the rain is one of the most incredible things ha. 

So tomorrow is Mothers day! I will be calling around 5 o´clock your time, well more like 5:30. It is only two hours difference. My district leader was wrong ha. But I will be calling from 5 to 6 your time. Be ready! Because my sector has 5 missionaries and we only have one computer. 3 sisters and 2 elders. We each have 45 minutes and we all want to make the most of it. We are going to be skyping from our church with the computer of a member. I don´t know what name it is but I will call the rbyork. So when we skype turn off all the things that use internet in the house for better quality. Iphone and ipods. I really hope we can make this work. 

So this week has been awesome but slow. I have been having headaches and I realized I am maybe eating too much sugar so I am only eating fruits and vegetables. I have lost a little bit of weight here ha. I am about 185 right now. I am eating healthy and working out every morning. Ha I still am not a morning person but I am managing haha.

This week we had zone conference and it was absolutely awesome. Our president talked about how there is a problem right now with the Elders and Hermanas that are having to be sent home... You can imagine why: He talked about how Satan is working against us even more now with the age change and we should only see the sisters in our zone two times a week. Church and district meeting: It was good to have the security that we are doing that and aren´t having the obvious problem. We aren´t here on a mission to look for a wife. He said that we can´t flirt with the sisters and if we do there will be problems. Afterwards I was talking with President and he was joking and saying how I am not breaking that rule because she lives in Texas right now ;) Haha well good to know I am not breaking any rules haha. 

Happy birthday to my sweet sister as of 3 days ago!!!! I am so excited you are fifteen but worried for Mom and Dad to be driving with you haha. You will do great and I am excited for you Mags! Also happy anniversary to my wonderful parents and grandparents. It just goes to show that the Gospel does really bless families and that we can be together forever through this church!! I love having this security with all of my heart! I hope you are all going to the temple often... Because I can´t for two years haha. 

I am literally having the best two years and there are some very hard moments but it is getting better. I am able to help so many people here and not only with things spiritually but physically and temporally too. I have had so many wonderful oppourtunities and it is just the greatest feeling in the world. I am writing them all down in my journal and can´t wait to share them all with you. 

Well my wonderful family have your email ready with you tomorrow and I will email you when I am ready. I love you all!!

Elder York

[This next part is from another email he sent today. We were concerned he was taking out extra money a little more often than normal. We wanted him to learn how to scrape and get by and live on nothing. After reading this email, I felt bad for sending our email because I realized he is doing exactly what we would do. All I can say is he is his mother's son. He is growing and learning how to serve and sacrifice.]

I have had so many heart wrenching stories. They are good and just melt my heart. We have members here that have nothing. One of them lives alone and he is always in the church soaking wet and he lives the farthest. The jacket from CTR clothing was perfect and the feeling you had to buy it was perfect for him. He wears it every time we see him and he was so excited when I gave it to him. There are so many people who are lacking things more than just spiritual and I am always prepared. I always have two of something and it is just perfect. I have the chance to help others with the physical means that they can´t have. I have given away more things than I thought I had. I still have things for me to use but they need some of these things more. I gave away one of my jackets from alaska, the black one to a member who didn´t have one and still have my two. The problem is the blue one is only for winter and the black long one is well... Long ha. I am doing my absolute best to budget my money and am living off of the funds from the church like a champ. I buy food that lasts for more than a week and at the end of the month I have always about 40 dollars left that I return to the church. The money from the church is only for food, shampoo, toothpaste etc..., haircuts, travel and things like that. Things like jackets, boots, a cd player, things like that are personal. I am doing my best and don´t plan on taking out money for a long time. 

Elder York

Saturday, May 4, 2013

¿Crazy week?‏

Well this week has been absolutely crazy. It has been raining much worse than in Alaska and there has been crazy wind. We were talking with a member and they said that we aren't even into winter yet. In winter it is so much worse and no one leaves. They said the missionaries before us didn't even leave to work. Well good thing I am different than those others. I am going to always leave to work. There isn't anything that can stop me. 

Well this week I was sick on wednesday, My companion gave me a blessing and I was instantly better. So on tuesday I had a prompting to write President Rappleye a letter. I wrote him and expressed my feelings and told him how I was doing and what not. Well I got a response later on wednesday. We got a phone call from the Zone leaders and we had an intercambio. There is a line of authority basically. The President, Assistants to President, Zone leaders, district leaders and then me. When I have intercambios it is only with our district leader. An intercambio is a change of companion for a day. The zone leaders do them with the district leaders after they do it with us. So when a zone leader says that you have an intercambio with him it is almost normally never good. But for me it was good. We got to spend some time together and he and I worked and taught in his sector in Osorno. Afterwards he told me that President Rappleye has plans for me. I don't know if that is good or bad haha. But I am obedient and follow him so I have nothing to fear. 

I am loving it here so much. All of our investigators are so awesome. I am falling in love with the sector and the people. Oh speaking of which. Today, May 4th is the anniversary of Courtenae, Sister Nielson and I. For one year now we have been dating haha. Well Most of the time I have been in Alaska or Chile... Well after the mission there will be more time. But the sector is progressing and the town of Entre Lagos is growing rapidly. The people may be bad at times but I am always looking for the good things and well... I am finding them. 

Happy Birthday Maddie!! And Happy anniversary to my Dad and Mom!!! This has definItely been a crazy week with lots to do! This sunday I will be able to skype you for mother's day. Wow I have been gone forever!! I can't believe how short of time I have left!! But this sunday whenever you can I can. We will do it more in the evening. I will write more in my other Email to Sean.  

It is crazy to hear how things are changing in the ward and in Tooele. Everyone is going on a mission and getting married!! Wow! The ward sounds so peaceful and growing. I want to just give a hug to every member in our ward.. I miss my ward family. 

The food here is great. We eat, ready for a long list? Good! Chicken, Porotos, (Beans), potatoes, steak, lots of vegetables, fruits, completos (hotdogs with everything,) Tomatoes, soup, and lots of others I can't remember right now ha. 
Lots of bread, ají (very hot sauce).

Well today I am finally going to play basketball!! We are going with the boyfriend of one of the members. His name is Pedro and he is dating the Anita. He is one of our new investigators and he has a date of baptism for the 25 of may. He is about 35 and Anita is about the same. We are having a lot of good success right now and are doing so good. Now we are working a little more in unity and teaching more and more. I feel like I have recieved the gift of tongues now because I can understand and speak much better. 

Well family and friends I love you all and can't wait to hear from you all. It is a little difficult to write lots of letters but I am trying to do it. I love you all and hope you can picture this gringo loving it here in Chile! 

Elder York