Saturday, April 13, 2013

Un poco Chilly en Chile!‏

     Well today is the day that Hector is going to be baptized and I get to baptize him. We found him, tought him, helped him, and now we get to baptize him. He is so awesome and I am so grateful for the oppourtunity to be here in Entre Lagos. We have his service at 5 in Osorno. You are invited to attend if you would like haha. But seriously we are so excited and even better than that, he is so excited!! 

     Was conference powerful or what?? Wow I have never been so spiritually blasted as I watched conference! It was all in spanish but it had english subtitles. It is a little difficult to read and write and listen in spanish at the same time. But it was so powerful and I loved it. Here in South America they voice over the person speaking so that they can listen and not only read conference. So so different than actually being there, watching it on my ipod in Alaska, or in my house ha. But the Spririt was the same. It was just wonderful and I got answers! 

     So as you know by now I wasn´t able to write the last saturday because all of the stores were closed. It is almost impossible to find a computer on a saturday morning. Last week was so so slow... I honestly was a little frustrated but I am totally fine now. Actually I am better than fine. The language is coming along just great and I am understanding more and more every day. 

     Courtenae is in the blistering heat and I´m in the freezing cold! She is knocking on doors and I´m yelling across fences, she has a car and a bike and i´ve got two legs, I´ve got rain and she´s got.. More sun! It is so funny and interesting to read her emails and to see the difference in the missions and to see the things that are the same here. One thing is for sure. We are both serving the unico Dios. It is seriously so cold here... But I am fine because I have sweaters and what not. One of our investigators sells sweaters so I am going to buy a couple from them. It might save you a little money for not sending me some. If you have already sent them I will wait and not buy them here. I do have a request... If you could send me ties and another 5L seal line bag. (As a spare because it rains all day every day). 

     Also I would like to know who is getting married and when and tell them Elder York wants a wedding invitation. Like Nate Collier, Lehi Collier, Matt Jones and all of the other people that I am friends with ha. 

     I am planning on this tuesday to print pictures and to send my SD card home. Ojala that it works. (Wish) 

     All in all I am loving it here so so much. It is such a blessing to be here and to serve the Lord. I have already seen miracles and seen people's lives change and I am only 4 months into my mission!! I am sad because I only have 20 months left.. But excited to be home because well.. It´s my home. But here has become kind of my home. We have transfers on the 24th of Abril and we don´t find out who will be leaving until next sunday. I don´t think that it will be me but you can´t count your chickens until they hatch. And if John decides to take the hatchet to them ha. 

     I don´t know if I have mentioned but I love pictures in packages ha. If you all could send me some pictures or send them to my house in Tooele for my parents to send when they send me a package it would be just great. I will be trying to send pictures this week. 

     Well I pray for all of you daily and I know you will all receive blessings through the missionaries. Work hard with the missionaries in the wards you are in. They need your help!! 

I love you all a ton and can´t wait to see you. 

Hurrah for Israel!

Elder York

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