Saturday, April 20, 2013

The last week of my training?

It´s the final countdown.

     Literally ha porque we have cambios this week and we find out if we leave to go to another area or if we are in the same area. I think that E´ Vallejo will leave the area and after this wednesday I will be a normal missionary. No longer a green gringo only a gringo haha. 

     It is going so well here and I am loving every second. I can honestly say that this is the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life... I would rather do track one more year haha! No but it is so rewarding and I am just loving it. Honestly the best feeling in the world is when we share our message and the people make the connection of how it is true, and how it can bless their family or them. That is why I am a missionary. 

     It is getting a little colder and colder every day but it is also getting more and more beautiful! The people here are very nice and we find a new adventure every day. Life is not the same here and well this for sure ain´t Utah ha.

     This week my email is a little short because I am falta de un poco tiempo (Short on time) but next week it will be much longer because we aren´t going to Osorno next week. I am almost officially legal! My visa is here and is ready for me to come and pick it up. All I need to do is to wait until Tuesday then I am Chilean. 

     I am attaching photos so you can see my last adventures ha. Hermano Hector is so funny and the smile that he has just makes my day and makes me smile and laugh. He is always looking to make a serious statement then he looks at me and says something in English that I don´t understand and busts out laughing haha. 

     So I wanna know numbers Sean. How far, how fast, in all of your events ha! 
     Well Family I love you all so much and can´t wait to hear from you. I am doing my best to try and write you all!! Love you so much! 

Elder York

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