Saturday, April 27, 2013

Chilean life for me

     I am loving it here in Chile. I had a little bit of a negative attitude last week and then I read a 3x5 card that Maddie wrote for me and I realized I needed to smile and have a better attitude. 

     It is slowly getting a little colder here in Entre Lagos and the people are getting less and less nice and likeable. When it gets colder here in Chile the people like to lock their doors, blast the TV and put lots of wood in the stove. Everyone here uses Leña which is firewood ha. I have chopped more wood than I think ever! Everyday we are cutting wood and working and serving. Speaking of cold, we can't use our leña until the 1 of may. Lucky enough for us our dueña, Gladys, is letting us use her leña because she is muy cuico, rich, and just loves us. She is really the greatest and does whatever she can for us. She is a plump lil ol lady and lives with Anita, Jose, Javier, and Angelica. I love them all so much except for Angelica. She is a snake and is almost never there ha. We have one investigator that lives about 15 minutes by bus and she is very funny and interesting. Everyone here always welcomes and gives kisses on the side of the cheek. She always does it to Elder Vallejo and never to me because I am too tall and she tries to jump haha. It is so interesting when people try because I tower over them. I know a certain father of a missionary who is a little taller than I am who would just laugh as I am. 

     Our investigators are slowly but surely progressing. Last week none of them came to church and it was a little heartbreaking to see that we only had 11 people in the ward... And 5 of them were missionaries... We have about 50 people here in the branch but they are all almost inactive.. We will work with them and get them back up and running ha. Like a computer. 

     I am learning so so much. I am just loving it here in Chile and am progressing and just thriving. The language is coming along well and I can write, read and speak Spanish. I do have one request.. If you could find any talks or whatsoever that talk about ¨The Great Apostasy¨ I think that there is a book by Richard G. Scott or someone that is very powerful. 

     I am taking lots of photos and am doing my best to be in them at times. It is very hard to send the SD card.. When we are in Osorno is on Tuesday and our pday is on Saturday. We are in Osorno for two hours for our meeting and then hurry back to the bus stop, and barely make it in time for lunch from our mamita every time. Oh and the bus rides are an hour long. Everyone in my district are in areas that are maximum ten minutes away from Osorno and it is a little more difficult for us to travel and send things. But this Tuesday I will do my best to send it. 

     It's good to hear that things are going fairly well in the grand ol States. I wish I could email whoever I want but it isn't that way for me. I am writing my letters to you family I promise! I love getting letters from people and I am doing my best to write you all back. 

     I want you all to know that I am doing my absolute best and you won't see me for another 19 almost 18 months. I am working with all of my heart and bringing others unto Christ. I love this work with all of my heart! 

 Con Cariño, 
 Elder Alex York

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