Saturday, April 27, 2013

Chilean life for me

     I am loving it here in Chile. I had a little bit of a negative attitude last week and then I read a 3x5 card that Maddie wrote for me and I realized I needed to smile and have a better attitude. 

     It is slowly getting a little colder here in Entre Lagos and the people are getting less and less nice and likeable. When it gets colder here in Chile the people like to lock their doors, blast the TV and put lots of wood in the stove. Everyone here uses Leña which is firewood ha. I have chopped more wood than I think ever! Everyday we are cutting wood and working and serving. Speaking of cold, we can't use our leña until the 1 of may. Lucky enough for us our dueña, Gladys, is letting us use her leña because she is muy cuico, rich, and just loves us. She is really the greatest and does whatever she can for us. She is a plump lil ol lady and lives with Anita, Jose, Javier, and Angelica. I love them all so much except for Angelica. She is a snake and is almost never there ha. We have one investigator that lives about 15 minutes by bus and she is very funny and interesting. Everyone here always welcomes and gives kisses on the side of the cheek. She always does it to Elder Vallejo and never to me because I am too tall and she tries to jump haha. It is so interesting when people try because I tower over them. I know a certain father of a missionary who is a little taller than I am who would just laugh as I am. 

     Our investigators are slowly but surely progressing. Last week none of them came to church and it was a little heartbreaking to see that we only had 11 people in the ward... And 5 of them were missionaries... We have about 50 people here in the branch but they are all almost inactive.. We will work with them and get them back up and running ha. Like a computer. 

     I am learning so so much. I am just loving it here in Chile and am progressing and just thriving. The language is coming along well and I can write, read and speak Spanish. I do have one request.. If you could find any talks or whatsoever that talk about ¨The Great Apostasy¨ I think that there is a book by Richard G. Scott or someone that is very powerful. 

     I am taking lots of photos and am doing my best to be in them at times. It is very hard to send the SD card.. When we are in Osorno is on Tuesday and our pday is on Saturday. We are in Osorno for two hours for our meeting and then hurry back to the bus stop, and barely make it in time for lunch from our mamita every time. Oh and the bus rides are an hour long. Everyone in my district are in areas that are maximum ten minutes away from Osorno and it is a little more difficult for us to travel and send things. But this Tuesday I will do my best to send it. 

     It's good to hear that things are going fairly well in the grand ol States. I wish I could email whoever I want but it isn't that way for me. I am writing my letters to you family I promise! I love getting letters from people and I am doing my best to write you all back. 

     I want you all to know that I am doing my absolute best and you won't see me for another 19 almost 18 months. I am working with all of my heart and bringing others unto Christ. I love this work with all of my heart! 

 Con Cariño, 
 Elder Alex York

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The last week of my training?

It´s the final countdown.

     Literally ha porque we have cambios this week and we find out if we leave to go to another area or if we are in the same area. I think that E´ Vallejo will leave the area and after this wednesday I will be a normal missionary. No longer a green gringo only a gringo haha. 

     It is going so well here and I am loving every second. I can honestly say that this is the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life... I would rather do track one more year haha! No but it is so rewarding and I am just loving it. Honestly the best feeling in the world is when we share our message and the people make the connection of how it is true, and how it can bless their family or them. That is why I am a missionary. 

     It is getting a little colder and colder every day but it is also getting more and more beautiful! The people here are very nice and we find a new adventure every day. Life is not the same here and well this for sure ain´t Utah ha.

     This week my email is a little short because I am falta de un poco tiempo (Short on time) but next week it will be much longer because we aren´t going to Osorno next week. I am almost officially legal! My visa is here and is ready for me to come and pick it up. All I need to do is to wait until Tuesday then I am Chilean. 

     I am attaching photos so you can see my last adventures ha. Hermano Hector is so funny and the smile that he has just makes my day and makes me smile and laugh. He is always looking to make a serious statement then he looks at me and says something in English that I don´t understand and busts out laughing haha. 

     So I wanna know numbers Sean. How far, how fast, in all of your events ha! 
     Well Family I love you all so much and can´t wait to hear from you. I am doing my best to try and write you all!! Love you so much! 

Elder York

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Un poco Chilly en Chile!‏

     Well today is the day that Hector is going to be baptized and I get to baptize him. We found him, tought him, helped him, and now we get to baptize him. He is so awesome and I am so grateful for the oppourtunity to be here in Entre Lagos. We have his service at 5 in Osorno. You are invited to attend if you would like haha. But seriously we are so excited and even better than that, he is so excited!! 

     Was conference powerful or what?? Wow I have never been so spiritually blasted as I watched conference! It was all in spanish but it had english subtitles. It is a little difficult to read and write and listen in spanish at the same time. But it was so powerful and I loved it. Here in South America they voice over the person speaking so that they can listen and not only read conference. So so different than actually being there, watching it on my ipod in Alaska, or in my house ha. But the Spririt was the same. It was just wonderful and I got answers! 

     So as you know by now I wasn´t able to write the last saturday because all of the stores were closed. It is almost impossible to find a computer on a saturday morning. Last week was so so slow... I honestly was a little frustrated but I am totally fine now. Actually I am better than fine. The language is coming along just great and I am understanding more and more every day. 

     Courtenae is in the blistering heat and I´m in the freezing cold! She is knocking on doors and I´m yelling across fences, she has a car and a bike and i´ve got two legs, I´ve got rain and she´s got.. More sun! It is so funny and interesting to read her emails and to see the difference in the missions and to see the things that are the same here. One thing is for sure. We are both serving the unico Dios. It is seriously so cold here... But I am fine because I have sweaters and what not. One of our investigators sells sweaters so I am going to buy a couple from them. It might save you a little money for not sending me some. If you have already sent them I will wait and not buy them here. I do have a request... If you could send me ties and another 5L seal line bag. (As a spare because it rains all day every day). 

     Also I would like to know who is getting married and when and tell them Elder York wants a wedding invitation. Like Nate Collier, Lehi Collier, Matt Jones and all of the other people that I am friends with ha. 

     I am planning on this tuesday to print pictures and to send my SD card home. Ojala that it works. (Wish) 

     All in all I am loving it here so so much. It is such a blessing to be here and to serve the Lord. I have already seen miracles and seen people's lives change and I am only 4 months into my mission!! I am sad because I only have 20 months left.. But excited to be home because well.. It´s my home. But here has become kind of my home. We have transfers on the 24th of Abril and we don´t find out who will be leaving until next sunday. I don´t think that it will be me but you can´t count your chickens until they hatch. And if John decides to take the hatchet to them ha. 

     I don´t know if I have mentioned but I love pictures in packages ha. If you all could send me some pictures or send them to my house in Tooele for my parents to send when they send me a package it would be just great. I will be trying to send pictures this week. 

     Well I pray for all of you daily and I know you will all receive blessings through the missionaries. Work hard with the missionaries in the wards you are in. They need your help!! 

I love you all a ton and can´t wait to see you. 

Hurrah for Israel!

Elder York

Monday, April 8, 2013

A little late due to General Conference...

Hey hey hey!!

     Well as you all know I was not able to write you on Saturday. We had conference here at 1 and it went to 3. Then from 5 to 7 and then priesthood from 9 to 11. We literally had absolutely no time here and we still managed to eat ha. No but it was totally worth it!! I honestly loved it so much and am so excited to get the conference edition of the liahona. I honestly can't wait!!

     Well this week has been very busy. I am working my tail end off and I feel like my head hits the pillow and the alarm sounds. I am working on having a better attitude about that ha. But in all reality it has been a very fun and interesting week. Also it has been demasiado (very) cold!! We can't use our leña (firewood) until the first of may because it is the rule of the misión so Elder Vallejo and I are cheating the system. Every morning we go out for our (Excercise) and find Wood elsewhere to keep us warm ha. It is a Little interesting but is fun haha. We are warm now actually haha.

    So one of my investigators is going to be baptized this next Saturday and he asked ME to baptize him!! I am so excited to help him on his way to Eternal Life!! I will send pictures probably not this Saturday but the next due to the baptism is at 5 and pday ends at 6. I am honestly beyond excited for him.

     I have a request to ask... No one here sells cd players. Only ipods and mp3 players. I have looked for 9 weeks and haven't found one yet... So I would like to ask a favor that if you could put music on an old iPod or mp3 and send it to me maybe? I bought speakers that are small and light and only need a music player now ha. Music is life on a misión!! You need it when you are having a bad day and when you need a Little pick me up. We listen to music when we are not studying and we feel more energetic and have more enthusiasm to do the work. Music is honestly a huge part of the obra misional. (Missionary work).

    Well I had a small problema with the fleas this week and well... It isn't all that bad ha. It is just like a mosquito bite but a Little worse. I bought raid and well they aren't going to be bothering me anymore. Oh Yeah that reminds me, we switched houses so that we could have a house that has a Wood burning stove and not a propane tank. The house is so small ha and it is basically our living room and dining room. Our kitchen is smaller than the ABC room and well... It is just like the closet upstairs ha. Literally only one person can be in there. But all in all we have a bathroom that is a heavenly bathroom ha. I can actually stand in the shower haha. But it is perfect and I have a roof over my head so I am not complaining.

     Today I bought a couple books through but through telephone. It should be a charge of around 28 dollars. I bought Jesús the Christ in english and in spanish, Pass along cards of salt lake temple, a picture book to use for the investigators and a book about the restoration. Just a heads up that it was me ha. I only take money out of the bank when I need it. I am being wise and not taking out small amounts only to have big charges.

     We have cambios on the 24th of April and we will find out sometime soon who is leaving Entre Lagos and who is staying. I hope that I stay ha. I really love it here so much and am growing with all of the people and it is my own Little Heaven ha. Except for the other religions who don't like us ha. More and more every day I am growing. I can feel how much I am growing and changing and when I read in my journal I can read how much I have changed just from the MTC. Wow I have grown a Little ha. I am working literally my hardest and well it is showing ha. I feel like I did right after track season. I feel so fit to run 10 miles and not falter. But the thing is I am eating a ton of food ha. Our mamita feeds us so good.. I ate with another mamita in another part of Osorno and she gave us a bowl of soup and a hamburger. I am so grateful for the oppourtunity to have a good mamita. She treats us like her sons and she is just great. I will send pictures of them eventually.

   Speaking of pictures I will send more pictures, Correction, I will try to send pictures every once in awhile and I am trying to send my SD card on this Tuesday. Pray that we will have time!! That is my biggest problem here. We have so much to do and so Little time. I am here to save souls and bring people to Christ but at times I need to write my family and take time to breathe. At times that is all I have time to do and last saturday I didn't even have time to do that ha.

     Well the language is going just great and I am healthy and doing awesome! I love you all and can't wait to hear from you. I promise to try and write you all back. I love you all!!

Elder York